Help! Metal foot peg rails stuck/clogged

OK, two vastly different boats, same damn problem …

Both my newly aquired 10+ yr old, supposedly rinsed every time Mega XtaC composite surf kayak AND my very lightly used 2006 Novus Composites Kayaks NC15 Escape have metal foot peg rails where I can get the peg catch to disengage, but then:

  • the narrow rails in the Mega might be oxidized and don’t budge

  • the NC15’s wider metal rails with bigger notches/spaces seem to be choked with sand

    (which they sort of warn about and say rinse them out every use, but what am I supposed to do if I’m in Baja or San Juans for a week?!? and a buddy wants to try my boat?)

    Any suggestions for either?

    I’m thinking WD40 for the Mega and higher-pressure water for the NC …


I’ve had good luck using white vinegar
to dissolve the saltwater gunk (loosens stuck zippers too). Penetrating oil might work cut thru any oxidation but will have to be rinsed off again to prevent sand and dirt from sticking in the future’

Hose and wiggle them …
Can do in place or take them out …

Johnsons’s Paste Wax
I have had really good luck taking the rail and foot peg assembly out and washing out with the hose and scrubbing with a brush. After everything is clean, take some Johnson’s Paste Wax, from hardware store. Works awesome and the pegs will glide like to won’t believe!

Good luck!

Similar thought
When I had dirt/street motorcycles, I noticed that when I had cleaned/protected the plastic parts with Armor-all, the overspray onto the engine kept mud from sticking badly, and it was much easier to rinse off with a hose. So, I just went ahead and applied Armor-all to the engine on purpose. Might work for your problem.

Also watch out for the orientation
of the rail. The aluminum ones I’ve seen have slots on the bottom for small sand/dirt to wassh away. If you install them upside down things will accumulate in them more easier.

Mine (on 2 used kayaks) have been great. The other 4-5 on other’s kayaks have been stuck solid… I guess they need to be cleaned regularly to work well…

Unless you’ve got different people paddling the boats, why do you need to adjust them. Once they are set…they are set. All adjustable foot braces jamb with sand, nothing new here.

Bill H.

Use Teflon Lube for Bike Chains
I would use a lube that does not cause dirt to stick like petroleum lubes or wax. Go to a bike shop and get triflow or teflon chain lube. But it won’t stay on as long…

The one that’s oxidized will have to be disassembled and cleaned, probably have to take off the boat to do it.

Don’t lube them, just makes it worse. Rinced out once in awile and they should be fine. How are you getting sand into them every time you paddle? Might rince your feet before you put them in the boat.

Bill H.

Newly acquired old boats
I’m sure he’ll take better care of them than the previous owners did once he gets them to fit himself.

old boat
I’ve got one of those, had to take the Yakima footbraces apart and clean the channel, works great since.

Bill H.

Foot brace position
Why need to re-adjust foot brace positions for yourself after an initial good fit? At least 2 reasons in my experience:

  1. seasonal–paddling in warm weather in trunks vs paddling in winter in thick gear(drysuit/insulation/thicker footwear)
  2. Different paddling settings–in surf/rough water having the pegs shortened up a notch or two gives a tight fit with great contact at all points optimizing boat control; for long distances in less rough conditions having the pegs a bit further forward allows greater leg extension and a more efficient, comfortable forward stroke