Help! My New Royalex Canoe is Splotchy!

Just before Christmas, I bought a new-to-me pristine Yellowstone Solo. Over the winter it was stored inside at a friends. A couple weeks ago, I brought it home, put it on saw horses outside, covered it with sheets and then a plastic tarp, until I could make room for it in the garage.

I uncovered it a few days ago and discovered that the tarp had a few holes in it. The sheets got wet, and now the red royalex is slotchy and faded where it laid in contact with the sheets. I just tried Armor All but it didn’t help. My new boat looks awful. Anything I can do?

Hmmm. I would start over with a good
cleaner made specifically for vinyl. Examine after it dries. Next step might be wiping with acetone, but not soppy wiping. Acetone can go through the vinyl and soften the ABS. (Happened to me.) Finally, try again with the 303.

You can substitute a 3M yacht wax for the 303.

If nothing else works, inject 3000 mg of penicillin into the stern.

I was going to suggest a little bit of laquer thinner on a rag, wipe had and fast and then quickly rinse down with water. The thinner will clean the hull, but if left on too long it’ll probably eat it. I would have a hose running with one hand, rub with thinner no more than 10 to 15 seconds at a time and then rinse with water.

False Alarm
I just got back from an hour or so of paddling. Most of the discoloration is gone (except on the sides of the boat which didn’t contact the water AND to the portions where I tried the Armor All.) At least this looks like it’s not going to be permanent. I’m quite relieved! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Great to hear! How do you like that boat? Is it good on lakes?

It’s good enough for me!
It’s at least good enough on lakes (for me.) As of today, I’ve paddled it only three times for a about an hour each time. Until I got it just before Christmas, I hadn’t owned a boat for 17 years, and that one was a white water boat with lots of rocker. In comparison, this one is a torpedo. I just don’t have the experience to give a good answer. All I can say is, I’m haven’t lots of fun with it so far! I REALLY like it.

It is likely “splotchy” b/c of the cover
In my experience, if you put a cover directly over royalex (without an airspace) you get exactly what you describe. The good news is that it will go away when it dries.

Please report back and tell us that it went away.

Wat Clarion said

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'specially new vinyl skin on a Royalex boat. It'll splotch if moisture is left ta be in contact wit de vinyl fer a time. It'll go away if let it dry... It'll be less noticeable when de vinyl gits a bit older an' cures a bit . Ah' see it all de time, so dun't fret!