Help name my canoe

We bought a canoe coleman green 2 seater, cooler/seat in middle with cup holders and bait well. 13.5 ft. Approx 70# 2007 according to the ONLY marking First 3 of serial# is JOK that tracked me only to an out of buisness Johnson outboard buisness in MI.

The Barge , Backbreaker, Going Nowhere Fast


Green Goblin (a Spiderman supervillian).

Milchkühe - the supply boat

Thanks guys I appreciate the help👍

Marriage Counselor.

Paddle McPaddle Face.


The Jolly Green Giant

The Turtle

algae. Walkin’Home (based on the trashed colemans I’ve seen on river banks that failed their latest rock garden journey).

My boats have names like, My Coleman, my Wenonah, my epic and so on.

Your all freaken hillarious😎DONT quit your day jobs. I thought this would be a helpful site to belong to… NOT!!!
I figured it out on my own. It’s a Rogue River 14. Discontinued.

Did you want an ID on the canoe or a name for it…?

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This actually is pretty funny. I honestly thought you were looking for a cute name for your canoe, based on “Help name my canoe”, as obviously did most of the other commenters. This site can be incredibly helpful. If you had asked for help in identifying the model, you would have gotten different answers I assure you.


Yeah, I think a few of us were confused by the title :thinking:. This is almost as funny as the reply by @rnsparky to What to eat on long paddles?.

Long paddles are great for taking a pizza out of the oven so you don’t burn yourself!