HELP! Need kayak ID


After a trip to the Apostle Islands, I really want a kayak capable of tackling Superior.

Found this listed for sale locally… guy doesn’t know much other than:

“14-15’ kevlar kayak, too tippy for me.” Unsure of age, brand, etc. Thinks it’s kevlar and says it floats and does not leak. He’s asking around $300.

Anyone know what this is? It’s a 3 hour drive (each way) so I am hoping to figure out if it would be suitable for my plans-- touring and island hopping on some larger lakes.


(can’t post pics, sorry!)


~Matt in Minnesota

Not sure what it is…
But it doesn’t have bulkheads or hatches which would make it difficult, but not impossible, to tour out of. You could load gear through the cockpit and use a sea sock to keep water out if you capsized. Not the easiest way to pack a kayak for camping but doable. And sea socks, if even made anymore, aren’t the most enjoyable piece of gear to use. Also lacks deck lines and bungee cords, the former being a safety issue, but which could be added.

So I’m not certain specifically what the boat is, but I would be patient and look around further for a more modern specimen to present itself. A good plastic boat will cost you double the asking price of this beast, but will be better suited for the task you describe.

Johnny’s assessment is spot on
I agree with Johnny. Some safety issues with this boat. I’d wait until something more modern shows up. Bulkheads and deck lines at a minimum.

Looks like it sold
But I would neither pay $300 for a sea kayak that did not have bulkheads or deck lines nor drive 3 hours to look at one that did not. Not if my plans involved the Great Lakes.

Um, the boat plus you?
A boat can’t handle Lake Superior unless the paddler has the skills to use it. You may be able to fix that and the boat part by finding an outfitter or a club, better yet someone running pool sessions given it is still winter, and also hook up with people who may have an apt boat that they are thinking of putting up for sale used this spring.

I get that it might be a long drive. But maybe there is some place you can go and make a weekend of it, catch a little break from cabin fever.

For ex I have two perfectly Lake Superior capable fiberglass boats, one of which also requires a very capable paddler but is great for that person, that aren’t listed anywhere right now because no one is thinking of buying sea kayaks when they have to be hauled out over 5 ft snow banks. They will be listed when the weather improves. If you could hook up with a group you might find similar in your area of the country.

Bulkheads are ( somewhat) over rated.
but nice to have. Float bags and seasocks are a reasonable alternative, but judgement and skill are more important…