Help, need light kayak paddle for wife

Most manufacturers
make great paddles but one thing to usually keep in mind when buying gear like that is the adage: LIGHT, CHEAP, DURABLE you can have any two.


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I have the Werner carbon Kalliste. I spent $300 but don't regret it at all. It the small shaft, which is much better for smaller hands. Highly recommended.

Best thing to do is have your wife check out a number of paddles and the one that "fits" is the one you should get. The paddle is probably the most important investment you can make.

Try AT
There’s a lot of high end paddles being recommended in this thread. While it’s true, mid range and bent shaft are hard to combine while finding a light paddle, a true definition of lightweight and mid range price would help. I’m guessing your using heavy rec paddles, so anything lighter would feel better. If the paddle fits right and feels good in the water, it doesn’t have to be 25oz. The AT Ergo T4 in a small shaft is a great paddle and a low price, under $200. Many of the recommended paddles don’t offer bent shafts and few of them are under $200. I’m not a big fan of AT paddles, but for the money, this one has lots of value.