Help, need light kayak paddle for wife

Please help. Need a recommendation for a light Kayak paddle for my wife. Looking for bent shaft also. She has small hands and and is not very strong. Mid-priced is preferred. We paddle a tandem Wilderness Pamlico, but looking to expand to indicidual kayaks.

lite paddles…

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hi ...Carbon paddles are about as light as you are going to find and the most expensive ..approx ,price range of $400-$500 !! You have to watch all retailers,like a hawk to catch a sale , that is about the only way you'll find a carbon paddle on sale and at it's cheapest price. also , i will assume your wife is a low angle paddler, so length needs to be concidered. Does she need a 210cm /220cm/230cm/240cm? I did find the links below to paddles though............

Mid-priced and bent shaft…

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...don't seem to go together. The bent shaft paddles I've seen are pretty expensive, unless you consider $300+ to be mid-priced. Since light weight is also a criteria, you may end up having to spend that much to get what you need.

While I'm here, I'll make the obligatory pitch for a Greenland paddle. With GPs, you can get light weight at a low-mid price (under $200) and they don't need a bent shaft to be easy on the wrists.

small hands
My wife has tiny hands, and has been happy with a Werner Little Dipper with the small-shaft option. She has the fiberglass version, which is still quite light. The small blades dramatically reduce the swing weight and make it feel much lighter in use.

Your wife might find that the small shaft would allow her to relax her grip, which would help her wrist alignment without going to a bent shaft.

I also made a Greenland paddle for my wife, scaling it to her hand size. She alternates between the two depending on her mood.

Werner Athena
is 24 oz. be prepared to shell out the bucks. I was having neck/shoulder problem and bought one so I could paddle. KK

small person paddles
Can you give us a range of what you consider midpriced? It would help.

As to features to look for:

Werner, Bending Branches and other brands make small shaft paddles. Aquabound just intro’d a small shaft

on its StingRay. Check other brands as well.

In adult paddles, a paddle face of ~5-6"W x 19-20" L might be good for her. Example: Bending Branches Evening Breeze. There are others.Less surface area is easier to pull thru the water for smaller or weaker paddlers.

Kids paddles by Werner and BB can work well for small adults w. small hands.

Bent shafts cost more and add weight. Is there a reason she has to have one? For example, some people w. bad wrists find relief, others not so much.

Another strategy is some paddling gloves, 3/4 finger. Should improve grip and allow her to better manage a standard shaft, which opens up more buying choices.

A greenland paddle might be a great option, either made or purchased.

Paddles by Patrick Onno have many enthusiasts here. He posts here. Worth the wait to many happy users. He can customize a paddle for your wife’s physique and paddling style.

You have lots of options. Good luck. Feel free to PM me. I am a female paddler, 5’3" w. who wears an XS glove size.

Aqua Bound has what I consider…
Mid priced ($150-200) light weight. Carbon shaft with plastic blades, single or two piece. Add money with carbon blades. Not sure what they have for bent shaft…

ONNO Paddle shop
Pat just made one for me. Haven’t used it yet, cause I just had shoulder surgery. It’s a piece of art! Light as a feather and under $300 bucks!

I like the Epic Relaxed Tour, but
they’re on the expensive side. I have the full carbon. Relatively small blades for paddlers that aren’t real strong or well conditioned, like me.

I Vote Greenland Paddle

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Western Red Cedar is very light. GPs are inexpensive and you can have them made custom.

Another vote for Epic. Even their mid priced paddles are light. VERY quiet.

Wife lightweight paddle
Thank you to all who responded. Mnay options to investigate. Don’t need a bent shaft .

Go with Werner the best!
Once you use a Werner you will never go back to any other paddle. I use a Werner Ikelos bent shaft. I have owned/used Lendel, Aquabound, Epic and Onno.

That is your preference.
You are satisfied with your particular Werner. The blanket statement that they are the best, may be stretching it a bit.

The proper size and model within a manufacturer’s line up is just as important, or more important as the manufacturer.

The bent shaft Kalliste and and straight shaft carbon Camano that I have don’t trip my trigger. The fiberglass Shuna that I borrowed one day, did bring me pleasure.

Werner Calista I think
I paid about $250 for it. Fiberglass, reasonably light, ergo bent shaft. It might even come in a skinny shaft version. I know it comes in a fatter shaft as that is what I purchased. I love the feel and balance beter than some of my more expensive paddles. Got it for the wife, she seems happy, even with the fatter shaft. When she doesn’t go, I steal it.

Cascadia… Werner
I stated the wrong model above.

ONNO Feather paddle

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Got one for the wife and for kids. Real easy to pull through the water, light and no flutter.


I’ve considered one of those.
I like the smaller blades for high cadence.

Thanks Guys. Yanoer, you know you can
always send that one back to me to get it cut down to Feather shape.

Mtnester, I have some blades in the Bargin Bin right now that you might be interted in. I can talk to you and your wife about these then build them up to your wife’s specs., personal preference and intended use.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

pamlico double?
I wonder if she’s short and could benefit from a higher seat position. Any long paddle will exacerbate her low hp and smaller frame, Nystroms suggestion for a greenland paddle is a good one.