Help! New Spray Deck Too Tight!

I just received a new spray deck and darn near broke my fingers getting it on my surf kayak for the first time. Since I will be launching directly into the surf, there is not a lot of time to fuss with affixing the skirt before needing to push through incoming waves.

Is there any truth to the theory that if you get a neoprene spray deck wet just before use, it will make it easier to pull on around the cockpit combing? Is there any method to slightly stretching the rand to more easily fit the cockpit?

I had this problem last year
with a high quality custom skirt.

Getting it wet helped, I also soaked it in a mild neoprene cleaning solution. I had to get in the kayak and pull with my body leaning forward to get it on. Leaving it on the rim for a while helps stretch it a bit. I only use it in the winter with the big waves and it’s a pain with cold fingers, big stuff coming at you, and floundering around trying to get it on. The good news is it pops off with added fury, when it’s time to get out.

Is this for your Maverick?

Yes. Wet The Skirt
easier to get on after that. Heck your water is so warm you won’t even shiver putting it that soaking thing on. :wink:

Give a maverick report will ya. The good, bad and ugly. Kinda tired of reading what appear to be “ads” for it.


wet skirt then stretch
also interested in your maverick report. is it a plastic, or a composite?

More information…

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Unless you are just ranting, indicate the manufacturer of the boat and the skirt. Also indicate what the boat and the skirt are made out of.

These little pieces of information should be easy for you to provide and might allow people to give more informed replies. Without this information, you are wasting people's time.

It's possible that it's the wrong skirt for the boat. The tolerances are higher than most people think.

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Wasting people’s time? No…I was merely seeking advice. Sorry I didn’t pose my inquiry to your exacting specifications.

Preparing to Launch
Thanks guys for the tips on dealing with a super-tight spray deck.

As some know, I am prepping a new roto-mold Mega Maverick for launch. After a three week delay waiting for a new spray deck to arrive, I am finally ready to launch tomorrow (11/30). Problem is…there maybe little in the way of surf to actually test the boats performance capabilities. The best I may be able to do on my maiden voyage is paddle around a bit and practice my roll. I’ll definitely report back when the swell picks up.

Another Idea…

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I have a Mountainsurf that is way too tight. Bombproof as it may be, I can't get it on fast enough, even when wet, without taking a couple waves over the top before it's secured.

Anyway, I was intending to jack up my Venom seat, which I did. I also added on a seatbelt to keep me in the cockpit. Now, I use a looser Snapdragon skirt which is much easier to get on. Even with gloves, I can get the seat belt and skirt on faster than I can get my Mountainsurf on. Since I sitting higher, my things are right under the skirt. No implosion. Since I am seat belted in, no suck out.


too tight
boil it for 30 minutes, then put it on and let it cool–may have to do it twice

Still, we don’t know what boat/skirt!

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And still, we don't know what boat/skirt!

You'd get much better help if you provided details. How hard is that to do?

Hope You Know That You’re On

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the rant.

JLK is referring to the Mega Maverick RM (posted below) surf kayak. Some of us knew he had one on order. He is a longtime board surfer turned waveskier and soon a decked surf kayaker.

In terms of the skirt, he didn't give a brand. But my suspicion based on the tightness and the mention of a rubber rand would be a Mountainsurf. A lot of white water folks and surf kayakers favor Mountainsurf.

BTW, he may not have originally posted all the necessary info in the first post. But he certainly wasn't ranting. In fact, most folks who rant tend to fire right off, with great specificity, into a company and/or individual. I believe you fired off the first shot by accusing JLK of "ranting."


Was not serious about “rant”

Clearly, it wasn’t a rant!

My point is a general one. People should spend a bit more effort in describing their problems. It’s not a “law” but it would help people to provide useful responses. It puzzles me that people appear to think that it’s not worth their while to spend a bit more time on their posts but “expect” people to spend time providing help.

Should be interesting…

That will be appreciated. There’s not enough surfing stuff here!

Should be something …



Sounds like a review might be a good page on when you’ve had a chance to try it out.

I know there are a few folks in the area intersted in how the boat really works.

We still don’t know the kind of skirt.
Not to beat a dead horse, but information is for readers as well as the original poster. So is it a Mountain Surf? Or what?

All I Can Say Is…
Lighten Up! If there’s not enough information to suit you…then you don’t have to answer. Simple as that.

Mountain Surf
Yep…seems like all the tight skirt stories lead back to John Mason’s creations. For those craving details…its the G-Skirt model configured to fit the Riot keyhole.

Lead Story
When I’ve had a chance to give the Maverick a good workout, I’ll post a review on

For you avid paddle surfers, there’s some exciting new stuff about to be introduced by Infinity Surf. More later as details become available.

I would send it back
and get one that fit’s properly. Your going to have it for a long time, so why fight it.

Mine was for Mike Johnson Mako.