Help on Finding Solo WW Canoe

First off I’m about 6’1" 160ish lbs… I have been paddling a Mohawk Intrepid for over two years now and progressively hitting rougher water up to some small class III… I would love to get into solo canoeing but have never been and not sure if there are any outfitter shops around me that will let me demo one… I was needing advice on a good beginner friendly solo ww canoe… I would love to get into this sport and build my way up to some rough water… I’m hoping to find something used already outfitted cause $1,500 for a new outfitted canoe is a little out of my budget especially for something I’ve never done…

right now I don’t know of any for sale
But you’re doing well by asking. Hopefully someone will know of something. is great place for WW canoe happenings. Maybe someone over there will know of something for sale.

Once you make the move to a dedicated WW canoe you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Going to check the website out now…thanks!!

Whitewater solo…

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Found these in 15 minutes on Virginia Craigslist:

Richmond: Mad River Outrage X

Danville: Mohawk XL 13

Winchester: Dagger Impulse

Fredericksburg: Blue Hole Sunburst

Prices varied, as did the amount of outfitting in place.

You can get a lot more information on these canoes by checking out the Pnet reviews section.

I have owned & paddled the Outrage X, XL 13, and Impulse.Sold the XL 13 & Impulse pretty quick. Paddled the Outrage X for a couple of years; then sold it & got a new Mohawk Probe 12 II.

It is quite possible for a beginner to start in an Outrage X, and continue to paddle it up too & beyond class 3. In my opinion, the other 3 mentioned are slower, and less manueverable than the Outrage X. The X might be a handful for a 160 pound beginner at first?

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'em R big boats for a 160 pound paddler

Might have a line on a Dagger Rival
email if you are interested.

Big boats…

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That was the result of a 15 minute search, on one day, in one state. I showed the OP a place to search, some boat availability,some boat conditions, some levels of outfitting, and prices. Didn't say any were the perfect choice for OP.

You reiterated what I already stated; some might be big boats for a 160 pounder.
Then again, that would depend a lot on the 160 pounder paddling it.
The OP stated he had been paddling a Mohawk Intrepid for a couple of years, and easing into some lower level class III. The Intrepid is not a 25 lb, candy colored, streamlined, metal flaked solo, made by celestial virgins, for lily dipping.

The first owner/paddler of the Dagger Impulse I had was a Catholic nun; she was about 5'6" tall & might have weighed 140 lbs soaking wet.

My wife (who I bought the Impulse for) didn't have any problem paddling it; she's not a 6 footer, and didn't weigh 160 pounds either.


You can also try… It covers all the classifieds and defaults to a 200 mile radius from where you’re at. Much easier than checking all the craigslist,, npmb sites etc.

Also, you could post a note on cboats. The folks are real friendly and you may finds folks close by who have boats you can demo or even purchase.


Rival is an excellent river runner, fast
for its length and predictable. Those who like to roll opens say that the Rival is exceptionally easy to roll.

Thanks for the info guys I have some starting points now I have been browsing the websites…Hopefully I can start paddling soon!!