Help! paddling destination in NY or PA?

Okay, it’s down to the wire folks and I have no clue where we’re going. I’m supposed to be figuring out a destination for a quick paddling trip within a 3 or 4 hour drive of central NY, so I’m looking at 1000 islands, southwestern corner of the Dacks or possibly somewhere in northern PA?? We paddle the Adirondacks a lot with the kids in tow (literally sometimes), but we’re busting out on our own this time. Looking for beautiful paddling, romance and …beautiful paddling. 1000 Islands is closer and therefore somewhat more attractive at this point. So, anyone have any experience paddling near Ganonoque? Sackets Harbor? Clayton?

How about ideas for northern PA?

We’re looking for one good solid day of paddling. Suggestions for an inn or B&B would be great, too.

Thanks for any help!


general info
here’s info on the 1,000 isle water trail.

the pdf gives you the basic info, the html site gives you the different sections.

as for pa, there’s

some of the trails have pretty good trail guides and maps, others do not.

i don’t have 1st hand info on any of these places, been checking them out for future paddling ideas.

Hudson River.
How about the Hudson?


Hogwild - I’ll check out your St. Lawrence suggestions. We’ve settled on Gananoque, paddling the Admiralty Islands. I’ll save the PA suggestions for another trip.

Jay - just came back from Lake Harris, where the Hudson touches the corner of the lake. Wonderful paddling this year. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hero Islands, VT
Here’s another suggestion… Paddle into Lake Champlain from the Hero Islands… I know there is a B&B that I almost stayed at when I biked around Lake Champlain that is on the water there…

It’s on South Hero island I believe and I’ll see if I can get the name…


PA water trails
Did a trip on the Clarion River, I recommend stay as far north as you can, very crowded in the summer around Cooks Forest. Decent fishing and easy paddling, good scenery. I also hear good things about Allegheny River.

We ended up
going to Gananoque, Ontario and paddling around the Admiralty Islands and the Lake Fleet Islands and a bit more. We stayed at Beaver Hall B&B, which was fun because the owners were former kayak designers and major sea kayak enthusiasts. We took our Necky Manitou tandem boat and covered a fair number of miles, more than I could do alone certainly. All in all, a great trip. Thanks for all your many suggestions! I like the Lake Champlain suggestion and will store that away for the future. I’ve paddled the Allegheny quite a bit - grew up there, in fact. We paddle the Allegheny when we’re ready to be overrun by family members ;-).

Thanks, y’all!


Where did you grow up? Over the years, I’ve paddled everything from the Kinzua to Parker’s Landing. When I retire (soon, I hope) I want to paddle from as far upstream as is navigible down to Three Rivers.

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