Help...Perception Method air

Hey everyone. I’m getting into whitewater kayaking. I just need to know if anyone knows if the perception method air is ok if it is just primarily as a river runner/creek boat? I am either getting this or a sonic perception. Hope you can help me and let me know if the method air is right for me. Thanks in advance.


I haven’t paddled one, but from the photos it’s certainly not a creeker by modern standards – looks more like a river-running/play design. Reviews seem generally positive.

If there is some reason for that choice
The sonic is probably a better selection. It is newer and an all round river runner. The method air is more of a playboat that can run rivers. Do you fit in both boats? Have you tried them?

Never seen one but
was looking at pictures of them both on an site selling them both. Not creekers and Method Air looks more play boatish. I got to agree with The Doctor.