Help picking a tandem kayak please

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Just got back from our first kayak trip!
see photos at

We rented a few kayaks (perception carolina and carolina II) and had great success. I tried the single as well as the tandem with just myself and have decided that we would like a tandem over two singles.

We want to paddle at places like flaming gorge, lake powell, yellowstone and the other waters that you can camp on near Utah. Most of our trips will be about covering a lot of ground but having enough supplies for some 4 nighters. We are avid backpackers, so we already have great gear for this sport. All the decent ones i can find I will list here.

I have looked online at the Perception kayaks, Necky, Seaward, Delta, and Wilderness Systems but honestly don't know what the hell to look for !?

here is one listing i was considering, but i would have to make a trip out of the drive...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Figuring $200 for gas
Still a very good deal.

That looks great!
If it doesn’t work out check into the Seda Tango also. Roomy, gobbs of storage. Under 100# in Kevlar. And paddles like it’s 2/3 the size it is. Two decent paddlers can do 6+ mph in one for hours at a time.

Buy it
Thats a great price for a great boat… there is one for sale in the classifieds right now for 2100… unless this thing is a real pig thats an amazing price.

Enjoy, I have owned Seaward boats in the past and they are some of the best I have had. If I were closer I would but it but it would be a 2000 mile round trip for me.

Try Native Watercraft site

Link to their 14.5 Check around site for others.

Excellent stability, haul a lot of stuff, add-on skirts for weather.

Thanks guys! more questions …
Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback. I should have probably not listed that and just asked for recommendations. I am looking into that as well but was wondering how something like that stacked up against those ABS perception carolinas (II, the tandem ones). I am having trouble finding many tandem kayaks.

I was also wondering about ABS vs Fiberglass etc.

Are there some more threads about tandem inquiries i can look at somewhere?

Thanks again all!


If you are going to Colorado, would you be able to pick this up for me?

I can get it in SLC.

You are a funny Guy Chuck
Haven’t seen your friend on the board lately.

Two light tandems to consider
Lincoln Two Lites and Eddyline Whisper. Read their reviews.

Thanks for all the info
Eric, I really like that blue kayak you have listed. I am going to have to think about it.

I am going to keep doing research and reading. I appreciate all the help.

I really like the Tango, but doubt a used one is going to show up in this area any time soon.

That delta twentyt looks cool too.

the whisper looks a little small for what I am thinking I want.

Has anyone tried that seaward passat g3?

That looks like a fun kayak.

thanks again,


Hi Ry
I have a Valley Aleut Sea 2 Tandem. Carries a ton, very fast, great boat. I have it in their Ultra Carbon/Kevlar. It’s a little more tender than some of the others but not bad. The boat is 22’ by 26".

A buddy in the club has a G3. That is a great boat; drier ride than mine, more stable, carries a little more, great fit and finish and similar weight in their Kevlar boat. I’m sure they are about the same in the speed department. My Valley picks up and rides waves great.

Good luck.