Help Please MR 167 or OT169?

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I plan to buy in next 7 days,

I have been looking for canoe, they are not easy to find when you live in the desert, ok not desert, but Amarillo is pretty close to being desert.

I assume they are both the 3 layer plastic it looks like the roylax stuff is gone.

My budget is about 1100.00 for canoe and 650 for kayak

I have inquired on a couple used boats, but they wanted local pick up or they ask like 200 shipping. So I have decide just to buy new, I will put the first scratch on the new boats myself

I am trying to decide between
Mad River 167 and Old town 169

price is about 100.00 difference (old town is higher)
I'm going to use these for floating a river, and some fishing on local lakes maybe.

The Rivers I'm looking at are Caddo Bayou(river), Current River or Buffalo River

Which boat MR or OT would be a good fit. I'm 200 wife is 125. We plan on camping along the float.

IM pretty sure the kayak will be a new Perception Conduct 13. for My self and my kiddo.

which canoe would yall say?
And if you don't mind , why that boat. It has been 30 year since my last paddle.

I would hate to make a bad / wrong purchase.

We hope to order boats with in 1 to 7 days
To get some practice time in before we go on the "adventure"

Mohawk canoe

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Not sure if they still have royalex, but the Intrepid 17 at 73 lbs. would be much lighter. On the Intrepid page it does say special order only.If so they will ship canoe to a local trucking terminal for you to pick up and you pay shipping charge at terminal.I might be wrong about this royalex thing, but I'm just going by Mohawks website. The two you have in mind are great canoes but extremely heavy. Its still early in the season. Be patient and good luck in your venture.

Not much difference

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I've paddled the OT 169, but I haven't paddled the MR Journey 167. Both made of similar (if not the same) material. Just going on appearance and specs, I would not be surprised if the MR tracks a little straighter than the OT - but I doubt if it's a big difference. The 169 is a decent handling canoe and I expect the 167 is also.

Both boats excessively heavy by modern standards, but that comes with the price when buying new. Both boats will tend to get some deformation of the hull if left out in the hot sun for long periods of time - although based on my experience with an Explorer TT and a 169, that's not a huge detriment to the usefulness of the boat.

OTOH, that three layer poly is some very rugged stuff. You may want to add one of these...

And you may benefit from one of these...

There are cheaper carts, but that is the one I've been using for years under my 75lb Prospector.

One significant difference in construction between those two canoes is in the seats. The Mad River seat hangers are a more ridged setup. Not a deal killer, but just one of those little things that add up.

thank guys
think you I’m own a CNC Mill and going to fabricate a light “dolly” to move it with.

Right or wrong we are doing the 169 and perception conduct 13 for our first boats.

We do not plan on portage any distance

Where have you looked for used boats?