HELP please with bungee deck cord..

Hi Guys, I bought an old Perception which need replacement of the deck cord. This model has the slotted deck line guides (look like stars shape) where the bungee feeds through. I removed the damaged bungee. Question: How to I get the new cord through the holes of these plastic guide thingies? Do I have to unscrew them? I hope not cause the perimeter line is nice and tight and I don’t want to mess with it since it also goes through the guide…any solutions or maybe a video online (I had no luck searching…) Thanks!!

I use a skewer
Like for kabobs - to push the bungee thru tight deck fittings.

Wrap the end in tape and make a tail of tape that gives you a point. Push the point through and pull the line through.


Burn the end so it doesnt fray, while the plastic ti melted, form a point.

I did the second when I redid the perception I bought used for my son.

I’ll try that, Thanks!!!

needle thread
run a thick thread thru the bitter end.

sealing shock cords: propane torch or camp stove, fire the end then step on the melting end n pull out the cord from under your sole.

Seattle Fabrics has cords in sizes n colors

Aerospace 303 re-moisturizes and protects cords and straps.

One other thought would be to try a
crochet hook. Some of the smaller metal sizes just might do the trick, but first ensure the end of the cord has been heated and melted before inserting the line.

Perhaps you know a person who sews and has a “bodkin”. This is a long thin rod with a loop on one end and a hook on the other that lays across said hook when pulling. Most sewers use these for turning narrow hemmed tubes of fabric to the ‘right’ side or threading ribbon through a ‘casement’. Check it out in a “fabric” store. It’s a handy gadget with many uses.

Hopefully I’ve not confused anyone with my suggestions.

Best of luck with your project and happy paddling in a nice boat.

I do this all of the time.
If you’re using the right gauge of bungee cord (1/4") then it shouldn’t be that hard to get through. Tape the ends before you cut and burn them. If you make a good cut then the end shouldn’t be a “mushroom,” it should be the same width as the rest. Just hold the bungee and twist it back and forth while forcing it through. Should go through easily.

I work with bungee cord a lot
and what I do is wrap a piece of scotch tape around the end as tight as I can get it.

Then with a good pair of scissors I simply cut the tape in half and have an end the same diameter as the rest of the cord with out a mushroom end.

We have two perceptions with the same set up as yours.

Jack L