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I am definately in the beginner category
I have about 500-600 in my budget for a kayak and would be just messing around on flatwater.
I am 5'9 and 240lbs
The local outfitters has a Pelican sound 120 XE for 550 and my second option is the perception Rhythm 11 for 450. I just saw a necky rip for 600
I have been scouring craigslist abd Ebay for items in my area with no luck so far.
I cant seem to scrape up anymore cash atm or i would have a few more options
Any advice would be most welcome

You might get more responses by
asking a specific question, or questions. If you are looking for a kayak, you might do enough research on your own to determine what kind might be suitable for you, then ask questions on specific boats in that category (Recreational, touring, SOT, even canoe).

There have been some recent posts on this topic on this forum. Look back through earlier pages for some good insight - especially on buying less expensive kayaks.

Perhaps, do a search of this forum using terms like “Choosing kayak.”

Finally, try paddling different boats. That’s the best way to discover what will work for you.

Good luck

Yeah, what Angell said.

Have you ruled out going with a canoe? If not there is a whole world of possibilities.

Some help

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Actually, I think you provided enough info for someone to weigh in here.

Updated - I didn't realize that Necky had recycled the RIP name into a rec boat. ZPf the three, it looks like the Pelican XE has more rigging etc.

That said, in all cases you are talking about quite short boats that you could sink to a level where you are pushing a lot of water. It'd be advisable for you to actually go sit in some of these boats, or at least ones that are similar, to get a sense of how they handle your volume.

In general you'll need to be careful about falling over used whitewater boats down there. There'll be lots of them because of the amount of really decent WW in NC.

It appears that your location is southeastern NC, since the Black River is a tributary of the Cape Fear River. Do I have that right?

Absolute best first stop would be the Cape Fear Paddlers Association.
Go to their "Links" page ( and they will have listings for paddlers clubs, local outfitters etc.

You can often find good deals on used boats etc via the local paddlers clubs, and it looks like the Carolina Canoe Club is itself both a good umbrella organization and a resource. You'll see a link to their page on the Links page from the Cape Fear folks.

Kayak North Carolina has rec boat packages - located in Carolina Beach, NC You'll see a logo on the above Links page that gets to them.

I think if you poke around on that Cape Fear site you'll find some good info. There are some considerations here - if paddling alone you either want two sealed bulkheads or to get flotation bags to put in the front of a rec boat. That's so that it'll float right for you should you capsize. But it looks like you may be able to find club events or demo days around you - I'd really start there.

a few more things
Don’t forget to budget for additional accessories :slight_smile:

You will also need:

  1. A paddle - not sure where it starts, but can top over 400$. 100$ will start you off at mid-range, but paddle is something you will end holding all day, definitely worth putting a bit more towards something nice.
  2. A pfd - you are looking at over 60$. Add pockets, some convenience add-ons, goes over 100$.
  3. Some paddling attire - as in non-cotton. How much you’ll spend depends where you shop and at what weather and water conditions you intend to paddle.

used boats 14 feet
of plastic (aka rotomoulded plastic) can be had at or below your target price. Being 240 lbs you want a boat that floats you well, or you wind up plowing thru the water.

Many big hosses like 14 foot Pungos, Tsunamis or Pamlico… Old Town makes the old reliables in the Cayuga and Dirigo series. Do a search in the Archives under these makes. A used one of those will give you much more for your $$ than the cheapies at the big box stores.

You might get lucky & find a used Necky Manitou 13 or 14 or Necky Zoar in that $$ range, too. Fine boats, the Manitou 14 is pretty much as close to a do-all boat that you can find.

Sometimes there is a paddle and/or pfd thrown in w. a used boat. Make sure both fit YOU - the paddle in terms of your armspan & boat width, & that the pfd isn’t too battered or squashed - means the flotation foam is deteriorated.

It’s doable. Boat come up at garage sales, church sales, moving sales, estate sales. Outfitters & liveries sell off boats,too, just avoid if battered to oblivion. OTOH they usually invest in some pretty tough plastic.

Join a paddling club in your area. You’ll learn a lot, have instant paddling buddies, and club members get first dibs on each others’ boats when selling.

Look around for a used Perception



Necky Rip
If it is a new boat, which is highly likely for $600, it’s the name they’ve given to a recreational kayak, not the famed WW boat.

Oops - sorry about that…

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Didn't even occur to me they may have recycled that name. Just looked at it - what a difference...

Sorry should have been clearer

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Since all the boats I listed were sit in rec boats I didn't think to clarify.
How much above my weight do I need to look for?
I realize I'm heavy !! All of those boats are in the 280 range so I assumed they would be OK. (since i was not planning on carrying much)
I appreciate the patient replies. There is an awful lot to absorb for someone of my experience level and I am spending hours doing research I assure you.
As for demo's. There isn't a lot of places that do that here to my knowledge.( yes i am in Wilmington NC)

I have a separate budget for paddles etc so the $500- $600 is just for the boat

Thanks for the help.

if you’re near Wilmington
I can get you out into a sea kayak some time. If nothing else, to get a feel for it, and to help decide where you might land in terms of kayak preferences. I’m not an outfitter or anything of the like, so it would be free, just for fun. If you want to take me up on it, let me know when.

Demos around you
Hook, Line and Paddle, 435 Eastwood Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403 -

Running a demo day on Greenfield Lake this Saturday (24th)

Great Outdoor Provision Company - - They just ran a demo day in Wilmington on April 22, appear to be based there. Call them and ask about their demo policy.

Also, check in with the activities of the Palmetto Paddlers, also a link on the Cape Fear Paddler’s Assoc page. They just helped out with a beginners clinic this last Saturday for the SC parks agency where it sounds like their members brought boats for newbies to use. These folks may have some ongoing activities where they arrive with spare boats.

Lots of cheap Coastal NC boats!
I just talk to an outer banks outfitter that had nice used boats of about 15 feet long for 300.

I’d join a local paddling club and start asking around too.

As president of CKC I invite you to come to our meetings in Raleigh if you’d like.

used boats often come with accessories
If you do find a used boat (best bet) then keep an eye for those that include basics like paddle, skirt (if sit in) and PFD. Sometimes folks quit paddling completely and so sell the whole package for a good price.

Thanks for everything> i will try a few boats