Help Pricing A Kevlar Canoe

I am in New Jersey and want to sell my canoe so I can upgrade to a lighter model. What would be a reasonable price?

Make: Vermont Canoe & Kayak

Model: Encore w/ red gel coat

Weight: 54lbs

Trim: all Ash w/ cane seats

Age: 9 years but stored indoors for 7 and outdoors, covered, for 3.

Condition: Wood is treated every year and in great shape. Bottom has normal scratches from use. Gel coat still looks good (not fadded).

Extras: Inexpensive wood paddles and life vests.

Note: this canoe is very similar to a Mad River Malicite - when they were made in Vermont.


I might ask for $800 and see what I get.

If it’s in great shape, I’d probably start my pricing closer to $1200. Unless nice kevlar tandems are common and hard to unload in your area.

A similar built Malicite would run about $3000 new.

how fast do you want to sell it?
When you answer this question, your asking price may not be the same as what it’s worth.

Tough, But
It’s tough to get over a $K for a used canoe, but if it’s spiff I’d start at $1.2K as per above, settle for less as per timing, also above.

in this area
from what I’ve seen here in Oregon, used kevlar canoes seem to sell for around $1000 (give or take). Many get listed for more than that (sometimes much, much more) and hang around on CL for a while, slowly dropping in price and/or disappearing. It’s hard to know if the ones that disappear after being posted for a while actually sell or just stop getting relisted. It’s the ones that disappear in a day or two that I’m guessing have sold.

Of course, your area may have different demands.