Help pricing canoe

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I have a C1 Solo Racing Canoe that I would like to sell and need help pricing. It's 15' long, 28" wide (18" inside tumblehome) and weighs 26#.
It's wood/fiberglass construction, has a sliding bucket seat and foot brace, and is in good condition. I'm unsure about the maker/model/age. What would you think a fair asking price would be?

Here is a link to some pics:

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’s a beautiful boat, but unfortunately
it is way too short to keep up with the 18’ carbon C1 J boats and pro boats.

Last year I sold my J-200 18’-6" Kevlar for $600

and my wife traded her J-190 carbon/Kevlar for another boat worth about a thousand.

Perhaps don’t bill it as a racing c-1 and ask a thousand.

It looks like a sweet boat to paddle

Good luck,

Jack L

Canoe pricing
I see so many stitch and glue and stripper boats for sale for very high prices, but they never move.

It is a beautiful boat, but it is only just right for the person who made it. It all depends on how fast you want to sell it. I’d strat at a $1000 if it is in really great shape, and then knock the price down $100 at a time.

A few years ago I sold a popular kevlar sea kayak for $700 because it did not fit me well. Recently I’ve seen similar used kayaks go for $1700 so if you are patient and willing to hold your price for more than a year, then you may find a buyer willing to pay.

Id try
As jackl said, its not really a ‘racing boat’ as I think of a 18’ C1.

I dont know if it meets usca specs, so it may not be a legal race boat.

Regardless it looks beautiful and fun to paddle. I would probably ask $700-1000 at first and adjust your price based on the amount of interest you get. I’d personally list for $1k and see if anyone bites in a couple weeks, than drop it $100 every couple weeks with a minimum price of $700 or so.

$600 for a nice boat is a steal in my book. $700-1200 is reasonable depending on the boat and layup, and $1500+ used boats should be carbon, almost new, rare, or have something to justify the high price. That’s just my personal opinion