Help: Quessy Fiberglass Canoes

I am looking to buy my first canoe, and the local paddling shop recommends Quessy canoes. I am trying to decide between the kevlar Prospector or the fiberglass Frontenac 16. My budget wants me to go fiberglass ($1100), but I wonder if the extra $1000 for the kevlar would be a better investment.

I plan on using the canoe for solo paddling in lakes and slow rivers as well as camping. The weight is not much of a concern to me. I am more concerned about the quality of the material.

All advice is much appreciated, and thanks in advance!

fiberglass is as good as kevlar
Quessy makes hulls for Langford also.

If weight is no concern and you arent hiking kms and kms go with the glass.

Yes, if you’re not concerned about the
weight, I would trust their fiberglass layup more than I would their “Kevlar.” I’ve owned a couple of all glass canoes that wore like iron. Anyway, the best “Kevlar” layups use E-glass or S-glass for the outer two layers, and Kevlar only for the inner layers. I don’t know what Quessy and Langford do about that.