Help repairing a nail hole in Royalex

I have a nail hole in the bottom of my Royalex canoe and would like to fix it. Would JB Weld be enough or do I have to get the $50 Royalex repair kit? Any other suggestions?

If it’s just a nail hole
epoxy is good or even caulk will work.

Someone’s gotta ask…
I’m curious…how did you get a nail hole in your canoe? :slight_smile:

River Goddess

The JB will be fine. If it is not, ou will only be out a few bucks.

how it happened
Nothing excitng. I store it on sawhorses in the basement. It was knocked over and fell onto a nail that was protruding from a shelf.

nail repair
If your brave enough you might try a method I used in an emergency on a wood and fiberglass canoe. Took some polypro rope and lit it on fire and dripped the melted plastic into the spike hole. Worked so well I never redid the repair.

Hardens in a minute so it can be used right away and would not have a chance to react as do some slow drying glues. Don’t know how it would work on your boat or if it would cause more damage.

uhh…huh…good one.
That’s your story and you’re sticking to it! LOL.

That’s a great one…
I’ll remember that for expeditions…

Shoe Goo
try some shoe goo.

marine silicone glue
like 3M 5200 very good stuff and stick great.

I repaired a drill hole in mine
It is a poly canoe and I repaired it with epoxy like JB weld and put a tiny piece of duct tape on the inside. after two years the tape is gone but the hols doesn’t leak. Mine was above the water line of the boat.