Help replacing a seat

I’m replacing the seat in my Nigel Foster Shadow by Seaward with a new OEM fiberglass replacement. I was having a great deal of difficulty removing the old seat. According to Seaward’s web site video, the original seat and the new seat are not glued in.

HOWEVER, I called Seaward and found they DO glue the seat using a 2 part glue that dries hard – Rhino Glue. They said just remove the bolts holding the seat and use a putty knife to gently pry the seat up while pulling it. Easier said than done – that glue is tough. I’m, afraid of breaking the fiberglass of the hull instead of the glue.

Do you know of any techniques that would make this easier.

What I did
I replaced the glued in seat in my QCC by cutting the original seat out closely to the hull with a Dremel tool, and then carefully grinding the remainder with the Dremel until it went to the hull. It worked quite well, you could try that.

I can’t visualise the situation too well
but in addition to Cap’s suggestion of using a Dremel, if you have any OTHER excuse to buy one of those (relatively new, widely advertised) vibrating cutter tools, they might reach in to cut the glue line.

I wish boat builders would provide for moving and removing seat assemblies. There are lots of good reasons for wanting to do so. With a composite boat, one obvious reason is wanting to get at the inside of the boat for a repair.

I used a wire
I used a wire like piano wire to cut the seat out of my Solstice. It was a hard job because the acess was poor. They sell the wire with rings attached at harbour freight and other hardware stores


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If you can get to the glue line, most glues respond to heat to at least soften the adhesive.

If not, cut away the old seat around the glue and then heat that area, hair dryer might work, hot air gun is better. Do not use an open flame.

Bill H.

Thanks all for the suggestions
I’d love to try one of those vibrating cutters, but for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what they’re called and Google has not been a help this time around. Anybody remember a brand name or what they’re really called?

Looks like I’ll have to try one of those wire saws with the loops.

Must be for counterespionage.