Help resealing bulkhead

I bought a perception 14.5 about two months ago, and after a few trips I noticed that my bulkheads let in some water over time. Tried getting in there with a straight edge just now and was faced with only frustration. The clear sealant that was used (Im assuming silicone) was rock hard and I couldnt get the knife to go through it. Can I just apply caulk of some kind over all of this to seal it up or am I going to have to scrape all the old crap out first?

Clean it real good, and then use Lexel
Just take any loose stuff off, and make sure you cover the old stuff completely and onto the adjoining hull as well as the bulkhead.

Jack L

If it were silicone, it wouldn’t be rock
hard. Jack’s right, choose Lexel or another non-silicone that has a reputation for staying flexible.

or marine goop.Goop is easier to find.

Or any goop
Only the label is different so shoe goop, plumbing goop, and marine goop are all the same flexible stuff.

Lexel is the ticket
Available through both Ace and True Value Hardware, both of which have stores in your area.

I’d remove the old caulking
As much of a pain as it is, try to get all the old stuff out. I’ve found that you get a much longer-lasting fix if you can get the new calking down into the small gap between foam bulkhead and the plastic hull.