Help! Riot Edge 13 vs Point 65 XO13

I’ve done a lot of research on the kayak I want but I still can’t decide, any help would be appreciated. I’m a male, 5’6, 150lbs. I’ll mostly be paddling for a couple of hours, maybe a few day trips. However, I want the ability to go for an occasional overnighter or a weekend camping trip, although they’ll likely be rare. The two bays/lakes I’ll be paddling on can get windy and choppy at times.

I’ve tried out a few different kayaks and discovered that I like skegs better than rudders. I’ve tried mostly kayaks with soft chines and one kayak with a hard chine (Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145), trying to edge on each, sometimes to the point of tipping. But I don’t know that I’m good enough to sense a huge difference, although I’m sure there is one. I felt comfortable in both. Any thoughts on chines? Which one lets you lean over/edge more?

I’m thinking I’d like/need a 13-14 foot boot with 2 bulkheads. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two kayaks (but I’m open to other suggestions) - a Point 65 XO 13, and a Riot Edge 13. Both have skegs and two bulkheads (I haven’t tested either on the water though). I know that Necky, Perception, Wilderness Systems, etc. are all good brands, but I don’t know much about Riot or Point 65 (although I hear they are both pretty good, especially Point 65).

Does anyone have either of those boats? Any thoughts or opinions on either one? Does anyone have another boat in mind that they’d recommend instead?


Same here.
I’d be interested to know anything about the Riot Edge as well. I’ve been looking at that one for awhile, but there isn’t a place around me that demos that kayak.

If you get a chance I would try out both of those kayaks and report back with what you think!


I’m going to demo the Riot on Friday (Aug 17) if the weather clears out. The Point 65 I can’t demo, I’d just have to buy. I’m nervous doing that, but it’s got a lot of cool features and looks like a great boat so it’s hard to pass up! I’ll let you know after Friday

both are wide
Both boats have 25" beams, which in my opinion is too wide, especially given your size.

I’m actually your exact same height and weight. My first boat had a 25" beam, and I was itching to upgrade as soon as I learned to edge and roll. A good connection between your body and the boat is key.

If I were you, I’d try to find something in the 23" beam range.

As for chines…A hard-chined boat has a more defined “sweet spot” of stability when edged, whereas a soft chined boat is more gradual. I like soft chines because I think the boat feels more fluid or smooth moving under me. The merits of hard vs soft chines can stir up quite a feisty debate, but its really just personal preference. Pick a boat you feel comfortable in, and if you can’t tell the difference between chines then who cares.

List of boats you could look into off the top of my head:

-Eddyline Samba

-Venture Islay

-Venture Easky 15 LV

-CD Vision 120 SP

-Dagger Alchemy S

-WS Tsunami 135

-Impex Mystic

-Walrus Griffin

Re: both are wide
Thanks pbpaddler! On the wide issue, both kayaks have inflatable seats…the Riot is just a pump for your back, BUT the Point 65 has a really cool seat - it’s got three separate inflatable sections: one for your back, one for (underneath)your legs, and here’s the key - one for the sides to cinch you into the seat and make it nice and snug. I tried it out (just sitting in it in the store), and it felt a lot ‘snugger’ than any kayak I’ve paddled so far. Is that better or would the boat still be too wide?