Help selecting a kayak

I have paddled a old towne adventure 125 for a couple of years and now want to up grade to a glass kayak. The selection is humbling. I am 6-2 at 220 lbs. I would be paddling in slow moving rivers and large lakes. Have been looking at CD Sostice GT, Impex Diamante etc… I am not sure what to really consider. I like the looks of the CD’s, put out alittle when I see a glass boat cut corner by putting in plastic bulkheads. Are there any suggestions on design considerations when looking at a glass kayak. I am not overly worried about the choice between a skeg or a rudder, just want to select a kayak that I can paddle up river and paddle farther than what I am doing now.

the CD Solstice and the Impex Diamante is like comparing an apple to a turnip.

Do you prefer to go straight (CD) or turn (Impex).

here’s a test paddle in a straight line. when up to speed (say 3 knots) take a giant sweep on the right. where does the CD go? and the Impex? now edge 'em over, same test.

apples and turnips.


Plastic bulkheads in a glass kayak
might be a real good idea. They can be light, they will be tough, and they will attach to the inside of the composite laminate with a variety of adhesives.

Glass kayaks
I’d put the Swift Caspian on your list. It’s one straight trackin boat and the price in kevlar is pretty good too. My brother in law is your exact size and he loves his Swift

My sense is that you’re tad big for that hull, especially if you’re starting out. Look the next size up. More challenging but doable would be the:

A little less challenging but which you may grow out of quicker would be the Impex Serenity.