Help selecting a new paddle

Looking to upgrade my paddle from a bending branches aluminum to something better. Not saying that I had any issues with the BB paddle, it has done well for me and has stood up to some rough use.

I mostly paddle slow moving rivers with some class I and light II rapids with some flat water.

I have a pungo 120 and an Aspire 105 which are both roughly 29" wide. I’m 6’1 and have been using a 240cm paddle.

Thinking I’d like to get a carbon/fiberglass shaft/paddle that will make my multi day trips more comfortable without sacraficing durability.


lots of choices out there
I’m partial to the Werner Tybee for river paddling. the blade shape gives decent bite to maneuver in currents and light rapids, and bears similarities to Werner’s whitewater river-running paddles, with a bit less surface area. it also works well for general-purpose day paddling if you like a higher stroke angle. It won’t break the bank, you can find the FG model on sale for around 100 bucks. I like the CF model which is 10% lighter than the FG model but costs more. The Tybee blade is shorter and wider than a touring blade so I’d guess you can paddle either of those boats with a 220cm.

Another one to try
I really like the Aquabound Manta Ray.

I’m looking to try
Out the H20 Crystal X. Good reviews, price seems right, and seem sturdy. May not be the lightest but a good fit for your type of paddling I think.

+1 for Aqua-bound…

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A good durable paddle for the price. Both the white and black blades are reinforced nylon. I have one and it's a great loaner paddle.

My only peeve with Aqua-bound is that they call the carbon impregnated nylon blades "carbon fiber" in some of their copy, not to be confused with high end real carbon fiber paddles.


For the money

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My standard and best advice is to check out the Carlisle Expedition. You will not find a better paddle for the money. It is all fiberglass and is built to last. It doesn't have a fancy ferrule; it just works. You should be able to find this paddle for around $160, but even if you have to pay full price, which I believe is $179, you're going to save about $200 compared to a full carbon paddle. I guarantee you will like this paddle.

Check this

Werner, Buck’s on the phone …

aha plastiyaks…

is there a local shop or club ? at the shop, pick up the lightest n dry paddle around the parking lot for 10 minutes then pick up the best mid range weight n paddle that one …

then go home n think about it.

Lendal Voyageur.

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Lendal Voyager. Made in NY. Different profile shaft shape than others. Carbon version is wicked light yet tough. $295 FG $375 Carbon

Add that to the Werner Skagit$130-$180/Camano$275-$370/Kalliste $400-$475 options on your list.

Your profile doesn't list a location. If you're near Hyde Park, NY stop by try them out on a test paddle. Can I suggest a longer kayak to go with that paddle, especially for longer multi day trips.

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Voyageure ?
did not find what’s the weight ?

A single piece Kalliste is 4+ oz less than a 2 piece carbon shaft fiberglass blade Camano.

Big deal. Well Yes in feel there is a big difference.

Double the cost ?

IF ! I were planning a paddle up the Inside Passage then what the hey right ? blow a wad on carbon carbon.

Compute the total paddle weight moved from x to z …

But around the block at 100+ miles…? maybe not tearing up a deltoid or two or maybe not…

My carbon carbon graphite paddle survey shows 3 main owner types: cripples, physicians, oil field owners.

Or those…
…that don’t want to be a cripple…

start mow

Spell checker got me on the spelling of that.

DK - 4oz. Is a fair sized percentage of the paddle weight when figuring a 30 oz. range paddle weight for starters, multiplied by 1000 strokes per mile in a 10’5" kayak the op mentioned. As to who should afford what, as in most tools, you get what you pay for and the in a paddle you should be happy that you used it at the end of the trip and look forward to going again.

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