help selecting a portable kayak

Hi all,

well as I see many people ask similar questions but I didn’t find any which would fit my case…

I live near a scenic lake and there are many other nice lakes here reachable by train. I’d like to have a small portable kayak to explore these lakes.

There are so many folding and inflatable kayaks and canoes and I can’t decide which is for me.

I want it to be as lite as possible, so that I can transport it in a backpack, but it should be large enough for two, and from these two I’m quite big (ant tall). The lakes are quite large so the kayak should be efficient in paddling.

And also I’d be happy if I could install small sails on it. I’m not quite sure I really need sails, but it would be great.

Something like this

but they are not available for folding kayaks…

could anybody recommend me anything ?


Portable Kayaks
Try Tom Yost’s site. He has free plans for several styles of kayaks.

Feathercraft Gemini?
You might look into a Feathercraft Gemini. It is an inflatable, portable two seater that takes a spirit sail. It is a bit pricey, but sounds like it meets your requirements.

Pakboat Puffins
are very light.

Innova Sunny (inflatable – good boat but one would have a hard time attaching sail)

Firstlight folding kayaks.

Hand Held Sail…
Hand held Sail…Better with a rudder, but you can use it without by shifting the angle of the sail…

A word about the Sunny…
We have two and love them. They are good performers and very portable.

However, my wife and I are both around 6 feet tall. While we can paddle tandem, it is definitely tight. Also, I see no reasonable way to attach a sail.

I don’t know much about them, but Klepper makes tandem folders that can be fit with sails. The boats and sail kits are occasionally listed on Ebay. Good Luck.

Spirit Sails work on Feathercrafts

You may want to look at an Atatl, Pakboat or Folbot and an Innova Helios also. See

decent inflatables

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I don't know about folders, but I have been looking and testing inflatables for a year.
the really good models range from Aires: the Superlynx- 14ft, will hold 2 people with some gear, has a v hull for good tracking, skeg available.
the Sea tiger 18' pricey, but will hold more than you need. The seaseeker from Custom inflatables, I plan to contact him, and see if I can demo this, Its reasonably priced 660$ I think and comes in two sizes 16' and 20'. there Are the Innovas- they are smaller then the above boats but get good reviews. They seem too small for my needs of an expedition load and small sail.
*** Note that Some manufacturers say the boat will take 400 pounds, but that means 400 pound before sinking, versus the Aire boat will really take 400pound comfortably.
the seaseeker is aroud 38#, the superlynx is 43#, the sea tiger is heavy 60+ . NRS makes a really light boat the bandit? but I have no Idea how this tracks. ( I think they have a bandit 2 that is 19 pounds).
** see for all sorts of inflatable info.