Help selecting a SOT

This is a 1st for me. I want to buy a kayak to use on still water and/or fishing. I am 6’ 200#, and am considering either a Tarpon 14, a Prowler 13 or a Scrambler XT. Is there a review of these or other boats showing plus’s and minus’s?

Are new/improved models about to be released, or should I rely on dealer stock on hand?

Suggestions are anxiously awaited!!!

I have a Tarpon 16. it is a great boat.

The Scupper Pro Is Also Popular
The Scupper Pro is a popular boat at 14’9"

I have a 13’4" Mars, It is light and easy to handle. I love mine for near shore ocean trips, but it would not be a great flatwater boat because it does not track that well.

I think the Tarpon line may better suited to flatwater than Ocean Kayak.

Second the Tarpon 160
also Scupper Pro.

I much prefer Tarpon 160 personally, but I like to cover distance and used it as a touring boat - not a fishing platform.

Try boards also if you haven’t already.