Help sizing a bent shaft canoe paddle

I want to get my daughter who is 4’-11" tall a bent shaft paddle for her birthday, but I would like to surprise her and don’t want to ask her the size of the one she has now.

So if there are any of you paddlers out there that are that height please tell me what size you are using.

Thanks in advance,



If you are ordering a Zaveral…get one uncut. Then after the surprise…cut to length, hot glue in the grip and it is ready to go!


God Bless you Joe !
I never thought of that, and I have cut and changed my wifes several times.



hot glue?
Is that what they use? I would have thot epoxy resin.

I would have thought epoxy to be much stronger than hot glue.

The advantage of using hotglue…is that you can heat it up late rif need be…for either reapirs or for shortening the shaft. The bond works well but it is “Serviceable” if need be. Works like a charm!

Cheers…Joe O’

No worries!
Hey Jack,

Glad I could help!

I just ordered two new Zaverals myself, one at 49", same length I’ve been using, the other an uncut…thinking about going shorter on that one but not sure yet how short I want to go. Will experiment a bit on one of the ones I already have.

Cheers…Joe O’

I used Epoxy on the ones that I did.
but maybe I’ll try the hot glue on the next one.



I would think that with the amount of torque a hand puts on the grip of the paddle that a more permanent adhesive would be better. How often do you need to service it after you cut it down and glue the grip?

my Zav grip
I have broken my Zav grip 2x. It is the plastic one, not the carbon. Like you said, the torque fractured it at the neck. After sending it to the factory Zav replaced it both times no charge. Great company!