Help! Storing roof racks when not in use

I tend to keep pretty organized garages, but there has to be a better way to store roof racks and accessories when not in use.

I tned to keep two bars mounted on my vann the majority of the time. However, some trips we do require two additional bars with baskets, bike trays, kayak saddles, stackers, etc.

Sometimes we take the wifes Murano, so that rack needs to stored the majority of the time.

SOmetimes we take the F150 so that rack needs to be stored the makority of the time.

I also have the four place receiver mount bike tray, and a motorcycle tray.

I’ve got a vaque idea in my head of a Thule Wall, think a heavy duty version of tool board. But I really don’t have that kindo of wall space to dedicate to racks.

I’ve got a 9 thule bars, most with feet on them and some with accessories. 4 bike trays, and the 2nd half of the 4 place reciever mount bike tray. (THe main half stays on my van, unless the moto tray is on. (I do use the two together; weled a receiver onto the moto tray to mt the bike carrier, but don’t like to keep it there when not in use.

Anybody have pics of good storage methods?

Help, please!

The burdens of too
many toys! Ain’t it great? It sounds to me like you need a dedicated ‘rack shack’.

Maybe putting a small garden shed in the backyard?

I’ve built a ‘yak shack’ for the boats and trailer,but with only two sets of racks, they sit in a corner of my shed, to keep them totally dry and out of the sun.


Paddle all 12 months
We manage to do it here in Michigan,

rack stays on 24/7 all year long.

We have 2X4’s and 1X4’s mounted
horizontally on the garage wall, and when there are no Hullivators on the bars, the ends are hooked over the board vertically. When the Hullavators are left on the bars, we place a small piece of carper on the floor, in a corner and stand them upright. But then, we are blessed to have two garages. His and Hers.

web loops
I just hang them (well, at least two of my racks) from webbing loops attached to the garage ceiling (its sheetrocked) - slide the end of the crossbar thru the far loop, then hook the nearer loop over the near end. nothing fancy, just a couple of feet of webbbing doubled and the ends nailed together. If I was going to redo them, I’d change it so that the ends were seperated by 3 or 4 inches which would make it easier to slide that far end in at first.

seems like you could do the same thing with large screw hooks screwed into the ceiling, like the ones you can hang a bike off of - but I had the webbing, so it didn’t cost me anything

Some good ideas; thanks
I think I’ve got it figured out. Should be building it right now, but wanted to check in here first.

I’ve got a tow tier wood rack that hangs from the ceiling in my 12 x 25 garage. The upper tier holds trim molding, the lower tier holds 11 kayak paddles.

I’ll take it down, rebuild it beefy-er, adios the trim molding, and put the spare Thule there.

Anyone want a good deal on random lengths of prefinished hemlock 5 1/4 OG base trim?

Oh, and we do paddle 12 months a year. I only take the roof racks off the van if I’m going on an overlanding trip in it and know roof clearence may be an issue in the forest.

I rarely keep the racks on the other vehicles, though.

I bang a couple of nails in the wall
studds in the garage and hang them up on the nails.

yeah, yesterday I screwed in a pair of holders to stick out from the wall. They are hoding 6 Thule bars with feet, and I still have 5 more bars , most with feet and accessories on them, and 5 bike trays, a hitch mounted moto tray, and the 2nd half of a 2 piece 4 place hitch mounted bike tray.

They’d have to be 16 inch nails ;^]

Not gonna work,
My 12 x 25 has a low ceiling as it is, and haning the Thule racks on the upper tier menas the feet will hang down onto the (mostly carbon fiber) paddle blades of the paddles underneath them. Adjusting the desing of the rack means lowering it into space needed to swing boats off the boat rack.

Need more coffee.

I just don’t have the wall space to hang all thse individually on the wall.

stick them out back on top of the wood pile?