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I recently found a garage sale treasure canoe. I bought it including paddles, tie-downs, life vests and a host of other goodies all thrown in for next to nothing. I have searched high and low trying to identify its origin with no success at all. I understand I cannot attach a pic here, but would welcome sending pix to anyone who would like to help me identify this vintage canoe. Please help! Thank you. Feel free to email me at

Look at the ID number

You can also post pictures at flickr or somewhere else and post the link here

no #'s

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There is NO ID number. The previous owner said he had difficulty registering it because there were no identifiable markings or numbers.

the unknown boat
I have come around many instances of boats not having hull id numbers. I wonder if we could make up a number for our boat, and impress it/paint it/sticker it to the hull? Or is there a way to get a number, possibly issued from the local DNR?

In NC can call it homemade and apply
for a Hull ID number from our DNR. Did it a while back on a home built sailboat I acquired. May be same in PA. R

Dear board,

In PA you can get a launch permit with just a description of the boat, if you have the hull ID number you can put it on the application but it is not necessary.

You can apply for a title if you want to register the boat for use with an engine. The State will issue an ID number and based on the description will also issue a tag with the boats capacity if you need one. I got a title for my inflatable fishing pontoon boat, it had no identifying numbers just an MSO.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Tim Murphy

that is true in PA
I’ve bought multiple PA launch permits for my “fleet” of kayaks for 7 years now and never once put a boat serial number on one of the applications. Make, model and length are all they really require. Have never had a problem being challenged at any put-in with just the DNR launch permits.

it would be a good idea to put some identifying data on the boat in as indelible a way as possible in case it gets lost or stolen. Putting your name and phone number on any watercraft has been recommended as a very good precaution, both for being able to be reunited with an errant boat and so any authorities who find a drifting boat can quickly check that there has been no accident or foul play.