Help w/ finding river map

Hello. I’m having a hard time finding a map of the Flint River in Georgia. Albany DNR says that it was never mapped out. I find it hard to beleive since there is a power gen. dam on it.

We want to paddle the section from Warwick Dam to Hwy 32 and would really like to know the distance, we think we can deal with the suprises (shoals) as long as there are no low level dams. I am thinking of taking a youth group so I’m trying to keep the distance down. The last trip 12 miles was a bit much for them.


Mapping a river

I have used to get a satelite of the area. It is sometimes 6 years old, but it can give an idea. I also use Microsoft Streets and Trips to get the mileage of the river by comparing the satelite maps to the maps on Streets and trips.

12-13 miles

13.7 from ‘A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Georgia.’ You can buy detailed topo maps from the USGS. I believe the map in the GA atlas and gazeteer is sufficent though, its what I use right now, but that book also has simplified maps in it.

Topo Zone

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Rt 32 and the Flint River....

Click on the Arrows at the borders to move in that direction........

Select View Scale to enlarge or reduce the map size.....

If you take the cross hairs and click on the Hwy 32 bridge,a RED X will show on the bridge… the Coordinates and Map datum show on the top edge of the map.

Do the same for the Dam…then use a GPS to plot the route and get the estimated distance…

One way to do it at least…

Another is to print the maps and overlay the Scale down the center of the river channel till you hit the bridge.

reference book
Let me recommend this reference book titled “A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Georgia”. It list all the rivers in Georgia, put in and take out points, and distance between them. According to the book it says the distance between Blackshear Dam, near Warwick and hwy. 32 is 13.7 miles. Hope this helps…

I ordered the book today!

Looking forward to getting it, and on paddling the Flint River.

I called all the outfitters that I could locate near there and all said they have never paddle the section we are looking into. I wonder why? They guy who told me about it said it’s a great run, though it’s been many years ago that he was on it. We’ll see.