Help with 14' 6" Dagger Edisto

Hello all,

I’m new here and this is my first post so please bear with me.

I have had a small spitfire SOT kayak for several years and I just bought a used Dagger Edisto. It’s been a little mistreated but still usable. needs new shockcord and hatch lid, has a few scratches but I’m sure it will get more.

My first question is - Where can I go online to buy a replacement “lid” for the front access hole? Also is there supposed to be a dry bag or something in there. Currently there is just a 6" round 1/4 turn lid there.

My second question is - how easy or hard is it to learn to roll in this kayak. I don’t plan on making it a habit but I would like to be able to do it if the need arises.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t see it listed even in Dagger’s
"discontinued" models. On rolling, whitewater kayaks, and touring/sea kayaks, are set up to roll. Most “rec” or recreational kayaks are not set up to roll. A kayak equipped to be rolled will have a seat that strongly locates your butt, some serious thigh braces that help keep you in place when upside down, and either footbraces or an adjustable foot bulkhead to keep your thighs and butt back where they must stay during a roll. If your Edisto does not have these features, it may be difficult to install them. But unless you plan to get out on the ocean or on serious whitewater, rolling isn’t an issue.

It is a discontinued model here are some pics.

I’d really like to find a new hatch lid if anybody knows where to get one

This is mine:

This is a pic I nabbed online:

Where are you?
Many places that offer pool sessions to learn rolling over the winter supply whitewater boats, because pools are often small or otherwise picky about people bringing in boats from outside. So the ease of rolling this boat may be a non-issue to learn. Once you start to get it in any boat you can figure out the answer to your last question yourself.

Why a "replacement lid"
Anything wrong with yours or is it missing? May be hard to find parts for discontinued stuff, and if that fails, you may try to install a new hatch altogether. There are places that sell hatch rims and covers sets that can be installed on plastic kayaks.

More importantly, if you do not have bulkheads (I suspect it probably has) install them or get flotation bags.

Looks like there is no reason why this would not roll relatively easy, though I don’t know if it would be the easiest to learn in (seems a little on the wide side and the deck may be a little high too)… Adding some thigh braces would help (make your own from minicell foam if you do not have already).

Possibility to swap out stuff
On my older model Dagger Crossover kayak I eventually put in Aluminum Yakima footbraces combined with a Bomber Backband for better fit and function.

I also swapped out the original plastic horseshoe shaped thigh brace for a more aggressive thigh brace. Back then there were 3 inserts available: low, medium, high. By merely loosening a screw near the front of a cockpit it could be popped onto the combing quite quickly.

looks like a Beckson hatch
Beckson and several other mfrs make hatches like that; take some careful measurements and drop them an email.

Depending on the margin on either side you might be able to remove it and install a slightly larger hatch, making that compartment even more useful.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

The problem with this one is that the lid is cracked and not water proof anymore.

hatch covers
I had an Edisto. Nice boat, but a little to small for me. Here are a couple sources for hatch lids. They aren’t cheap.

too small?
Thanks for the links!

Curious as to the edisto being too small, as in small cockpit or just not enough boat?


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here's a link to various deck plates that Beckson makes... measure your I.D. & O.D. and you should be able to find a replacement. Note that they also make some with a drop-in gear bag like you asked about.

sapien is right on ,
on the left o the page , click on kayak accessories . If yer usin screws try an get em to flush with the nuts , less chance o catchin stuff yer puttin inside . That,s a good 12 yr. ole yak at least , worked w/a tour group an had 10 of em , don’t remember if they had a foreward bulkhead , they are a bit on the low volume size for long legs . Does yours have a j hook center top of cockpit ? One o those things most folks an sales folk didn’t know what it is for , it’s purpose sorta worked-ha .

Decent yak , but a lil small for multiday trips .


good info
Thanks, I have ordered a 5" bekson hatch, that I’m pretty sure is the correct replacement. I also ordered some bungee eyes and hooks to replace broken ones. I am using aluminum pop rivets so no chance of snagging. Probably wont be doing any overnighters. Mainly we just do 1 day float trips on southeastern Missouri rivers. Kayaks have been catching on here in the last few years. IMHO there 10 times better than a canoe for this.

It does seem a little tight in the cockpit but I think I can handle it. I’m 6’-0" 190 pounds. I slid in and out of the cockpit a few times in the shop and it wasnt too bad.

As far as the j-hook you’re talking about the only one I see is for the bungee strap.

Sounds Great
Try some watertight rivets from under kayak hardware . Use em on yer pad eyes as well . I always got water in with standard aluminum rivets .

The j hook in front o the cockpit was a paddle holder , paddle on the deck bungee over it to j hook , problem was in a lil wave action the blades may plan an over ya go , so it 's faded away .

Used vespers , edistos, seekers an magellans on the hudson in ny , pretty good sized river w/alot o mixed conditions so yers will be fine.

happy paddling


Waiting out the snow
My shipment would be here if we weren’t experiencing the great Missouri blizzard of 2011. lol I’ll probably just silicone the rivets but thanks for the tip.

>Curious as to the edisto being too small, as in small cockpit or just not enough boat?

I was too tall.