Help with a depth finder

Last night i purchased a eagle cuda 128 fishfinder

with a gift card i received at christmas.I have a

square stern canoe but the transducer is one that

screws into a hull,i can buy a suctioncup mount

or a trolling motor type mount for it but for more money.Next question,how to power it,a 12v

7amp type battery thats rechargable or is there

another option?I have come close to returning it

and just buying the bottom line model that looks

like a trolling motor that operates on 3 "c"cell

batteries for only 10.00 more but thought the eagle was a better unit< helllpppp!!!

You did not say what your boat is made of so this is going to take a little guess work. Glue a plastic or wooden plate to the stern with silicone and screw the mount to the plate. If silicone wont stick try polyurethane adhesive/caulk. The poly caulk takes a week to dry. Cabela’s sells a battery and charger for about $30 that works very well. Should last you a weekend or more on one charge.

If you have a composite (Glass or Kevlar, etc), you can shoot right through the hull. The transducer must be flat against the bottom, and in a small pool of water. This won’t work with aluminum and I don’t know about royalex, ram-ex, or other plastic boats. I used it with kevlar, and it works great.

Pat #2

depth finder
The canoe is a esquif with royalite.In powering

the unit i see that bottomline uses 3 c cell batteries which would be what voltage and amps.

Mounting and batteries

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Mounting is easy on a square-stern boat, with no drilling required. Rig up a way to clamp a piece of angle iron or aluminum angle to the stern. You could just use a C-clamp at the top, and the metal will then lay against the stern all the way down to below the waterline. At the bottom end of that piece of metal, drill some holes and bolt your transducer on. If you want to get more elaborate (this is what I'd do), weld, braze or bolt the metal to the C-clamp, so it all stays together as one piece, making it a lot quicker to install each time you use it. Make sure that when you drill the transducer mounting holes, you set things up so the transducer "shoots" straight down, NOT in-line with the metal mounting bracket which is aiming forward, since it is tight against the stern plate.

For a compact 12-volt battery, try Gander Mountain, Cabelas, or some other big sporting goods store. You can get sealed 12-volt batteries that are only about 5"x5"x3", which will run the unit all day long and then some. They are rechargeable, and are popular for powering depth finders when ice fishing. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth it for the portability they give you, and they last a pretty long time.

Easy fix
Mount the transducer to a flat piece of wood that can be C clamped to the stern or side. Nothing special.

2 - 6 volt lantern batteries wired is series will power the unit for a very long time…that’s how all the guys ice fishing around here make there power boat units portable. You can make a simple battery box.

Check this out

Lots of useful info on this site - good luck!

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