Help with buying Impex Assateague!

A friend of mine, 6’ 3.5" and around 200 lbs. short torso, longish and larger in legs and hips, muscled, looks a bit tight in the Impex Currituck but is the Assateague to much boat for him. He is very inclined to staying with an Impex design. Comments from Assateague owners and those who have ridden in it muchly apprecitated. He has a whitewater background but is new to sea kayaking, wants it primarily day use big lakes and ocean but some over nights, possibly longer trips.

Thanks ahead of time.

I found this for you:

I just got an Assateague
But have yet to paddle it.

I tried the Currituck, but it was just a tad too narrow for me in the beam and my legs (36" inseam) and my feet just touched the forward bulkhead. Had it had a slightly wider beam, I would have bought it.

The Assateague’s cockpit is pretty roomy but not too big, IMO, for a 22.5 inch wide beam boat. There is plenty of leg room (length and height) for even big thigh guys. As far as my size, 6’ 6"/ 210 lb/ Size 12.5 feet)

There are a couple of reviews on this Board on the Assateague. Check the Product Review section under Kayaks/Impex.

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congrats on the new boat BigYaker
i too have an Asseateague but until this year they were called Formula Cadence here in Canada. i prefer the old name…

i did a lengthy review on it on this site. it’s a great boat. he will fit for sure, it’s huge. once he gets the outside lean down (it’s weird from a ww background) he will love it’s turning ability and responsiveness for a big boat. few boats match it.

read the review, and if you have any questions email me.

Gratitude & a try out
Thanks folks, just just just the ticket to have a real world perspective on this boat. I think we can now know how to assess this when we get out in the boat today.

Hey, I for one really appreciate the comments, and somehow missed the great review done. I read it, very helpful. Probably he will get and love the boat.

Besides comfort, squeezing oneself into too small a cockpit is probably a safety issue as well with dry and or wet suit on, and dumping in surf etc.

Tempest 180
If the stock Asseteague does not work out … consider trying a Wilderness Systems Tempest 180. Also remeber that Impex will custom make for you as it may need the forward bulkhead moved forward even more and a reposition of the foot pegs accordingly for that heighth paddler. Impala Bob

We will check it out with regards the tempest, thanks!

Tempest 180 vs Assateague
Your friend my have a tough time in the Tempest 180 if he has an inseam of 35+ inches. I have 36" legs and found that the foot braces were just a tad too short; even all the way forward. The seat, however, was very comfy and had a alot of side/padding adjustments.

The Tempest 180 is also a relatively heavy boat for a glass 18 footer, weighing in at over 61 lbs.

The Tempest can be ordered without the bulkhead installed and custom placed by the buyer. also if the footpegs are not perfect you can pad the bulkhead and use it for a footrest (a highly desired option)

61 pounds is what it takes for us to produce a strong, durable, size XL f/g boat. much less than this and you will see gelcoat crazing, stress cracks around bulkheads, etc. Impex beefed up their layup last year because of this very issue. It’s especially an issue in large boats, large loads, heavy duty use.

what’s an Explorer HV weigh?? =:-0)


Assateque - good choice
The Asseteque is definitely a good choice - I would encourage your friend to give it a paddle - Also - have him try the Large Capella 173. Both boats are great choices for the Larger paddler - looking for a boat that is capable for a variety of conditions - and both are manufactured with the focus on quality and workmanship.

Definitely finding the balance between weight and durability is extremely important. All the P&H line and impex are well under 60lbs in a glass and Diolen layup. The incoroporation of Diolen definitely makes them stronger and more resiliant - and thus allowing them to be lighter.

other options…
Steve’s mention of the Explorer HV made me think that among the other 17+’ options for a large paddler include the Argonaut (being renamed Aquanaut HV), Chatham 18, and of course the Explorer HV. He might even consider, if he decides he doesn’t need a 17+’ boat, of a Romany HV.

Custom bulkhead placement is available on all but the Chatham 18 - whose forward bulkhead seems to be placed to accommodate Wilt Chamberlain.

cut mine out!
now to put in the new one. There’s about a cubic foot of unused cockpit space I’m claiming.