Help with campsite development

Volunteers are needed to help with the development of primitive camp sites on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion as part of the Berkeley County Blueways in SC. We plan to build rock fire rings & lantern post for each site and do general cleaning of each site. Equipment needed will include shovels, rakes, post hole diggers. Boats may be needed to help carry the rocks to each site. Donations are welcome to help with the cost of construction. We estimate that each of the 20 plus sites will cost around $25.00 to $30.00. We plan to start work the first of the year and your help is greatly appreciated.

I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t donate to anything from an online post unless I really know what’s going on.

Thank you for working on the Blueway
If I were in your area I would volunteer. I’m sure many, maybe even me someday, will appreciate and enjoy your campsites.

Check us out
I agree you don’t donate until you get more information. You can check out our web site & our facebook site:

Good project!
If I lived closer I would be volunteering to clear and build the sites (I love such projects, having been a trail building volunteer for over 10 years).

And if I had a beautiful cyprus swamp I would be there on a weekly basis.


Let me know when
I can try to get down there


That gives me an idea
Maybe I could combine a pleasure trip with a volunteer trip and use some vacation days. I have been looking for an excuse to paddle some of those areas, and this might be an opportunity.

If your organization plans a work day or weekend I could be enticed to make the drive. I would spend several days there, poking about and maybe visiting the carrier in Charleston too (seen it from thewater before).


Thanks for your offer and I will be glad to take you on some great trips in our area. Several of the campsites can hold up to twenty people. We have 20-30 sites that we plan to improve and this will require multiple work days. We can work, camp & paddle the areas. I work at the Dorchester County Alcohol and Drug Commission in Summerville, SC and you can reach me at (843)871-4790 ex. 127.

Jim,if you head this way, let me know.

Too early for planning
but I smell a SC reip a-brewing.


How far
from Charlotte ?

When it rains…
I had no sooner started thinking about a SC trip when I received word that I would be attending a seminar the week of May 11 - in Minneapolis. Since I could piggy-back a vacation to the BWCA the following week this may torpedo my SC ideas. But as I said, too soon to commit.