Help with Canoe Identification

Hi, I am considering buying this canoe. Can anyone out there tell me what make/model it is?

Here is a you tube video of what appears to be the same canoe:

The owner thinks it is a 1998 Coleman but I’m not so sure. I would go look at it if I coudl but it is pretty far away.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Doesn’t look like any Coleman I’ve
seen. Looks like fiberglass, probably chopper gun construction. Heavy, stiff, probably strong enough if you don’t hit submerged stumps.

I was thinking a Coleman

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Scanoe, but even those had the aluminum tube reinforcement, which the boat you linked does not have.

$350 is hitting me as insane. Ask him if it's plastic. If it is, by now it'd make a lousy planter.