Help with canoe style

I am 6’4, 220. I day trip and occasionally 3-4 day trip on calm flat water with current. I go up first, then back down to the truck. I am thinking on a solo. What are the pro’s and cons for a Prism, and an Encounter. The boat is mostly a day boat, but like I said, can be a tripper too. I welcome any thoughts on this.



The Prism will be better for routine
paddling, but as you know, does not have as much capacity. The Encounter may blow around if you paddle it without load. I suspect you can get by with the Prism, if you are disciplined about what you take on camping trips.

ditto on the Prism
I agree that of those two boats, the Prism is probably the better choice for you. It will hold plenty of gear for a 3-4 day trip.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the info.


i’m more of a bell fan
but the prism should serve you well. if you fish or plan to take it on windy lakes with little gear, you’ll appreciate the prism as it seems to hold a course better in winds without the big load and it should be a little better for fishing/wildlife gazing. think about capacity, though. you’re a pretty big guy. i’d first figure out what your camping load will be max and then start looking at capacity. wenonah doesn’t post numbers, but i’m sure some paddlers here can give you good estimations of what each boat will safely and efficiently carry. btw, would you consider yourself particularly strong for your size? if so, the bigger boat may the ticket. some guys can just muscle around a boat whether there’s a load, wind or whatever. for the record, i’m not one of those fortunate ones. good luck.

encounter is my choice
Between a prism and encounter I would take the encounter. I paddled an encounter on an 1,800 mile canoe trip and it was great (nothing like a Kruger canoe) If you paddle more without a load a prism might be better, but even without a load I have no trouble paddling my encounter. Overall my choice is an encounter. If at all possible it would be best for you to paddle each boat and then make your choice, considering you’re the one paddling it. If your anywhere near Ohio you can paddle my encounter.

John Latecki Jr