Help with Cobra Fish 'N Dive Repair

Recently while using my Cobra on a river I hit some hard rocks hard. It put a concave dent in the bottom of the boat. That’s something I can probably pull out. However it doing so it also crushed the two scupper holes under the seat and put a few small cracks in them where they merge into the hull so the kayak now leaks a little. I’d like to know if anyone has any experience and advice regarding repairing plastic boats.

I think I can use a hair dryer to warm up the plastic, including the scuppers and then pull out the dent ad straighten the scuppers. However, I’m concerned about the integrity of the scuppers should I hit another rock and the best way to repair the cracks.

Any help is appreciated.



Plastic welding …
First thing look on the Cobra Web page and give the folks there a call, they are extremely helpful. Wes’s email

It does not sound good but you may be able to weld the plastic.

I have a small cut in the hull of my kayak. Is it possible to repair this damage?

A- Yes, it’s easy to fix. Even though it is very hard to cut or damage our kayaks, if it does happen, then please contact us directly, let us know the color of your kayak and we will send you material to repair it. You will then need a soldering iron to “weld” the repair material into the damaged area.

Go to and post in the forum there for advice. Tom Holtey who runs the web page has posted articles on welding platic SOTs and he can guide you. I don’t thin the cobra plastic works quite the same way.