Help with cockpit cover

I am uber excited to finally get on the lake in my Sun Dolphin Aruba 10. However, I am having one heck of a time finding a cockpit cover big enough to fit!


You don’t mean to use your cockpit
cover while you are out on the water, do you?!?

You may not need a cockpit cover if you don’t carry your kayak cockpit up on your vehicle, and if you don’t store it on the ground at home where critters can get in easily.

If you want a cockpit cover
check out this one

if you want a spray skirt try this:

or maybe this

Hi Moo!
A cockpit cover for storing a boat and keeping the creepy crawlies out is easily done. Find a tarp or fabric sheet large enough to cover the hole, and wrap a length of bungee (shock cord) around the cockpit combing. You won’t need it to be waterproof if you store your boat with the hull up.

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Spare garbage bag also works in a pinch
I did that on my first kayak-camping trip to Yellowstone. Did not want creepie-crawlies in the cockpit the next morning.

If a better, more long-term solution is desired, it is possible to get a custom neoprene sprayskirt from SnapDragon, which means they would probably make a custom cockpit cover.

For storage only
This will be for storage only, I do not like the idea of creepy crawlies in my kayak.

I was wondering if I could just improvise something with some type of fabric and bungees so thanks for that info!

Mosquito Netting and bunge cord

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This will let your boat stay aired out and keep the bugs out.


how far out on the lake?
How big of a lake? Do you know you need to put flotation bags in this thing if you are going to have minimum safety in water over your head since it doesn’t have bulkheads? No doubt you don’t have a spray skirt for it either so you could easily swamp it in waves or a boat wake. Without float bags it can fill with water and sink. These thinly molded boats are also susceptible to cracking even with normal use, so inspect it well each time you put it in the water.

This boat is only minimally a “kayak” (I note that it is a stock item at Walmart, K-Mart and even Home Depot.) Be sure you know the limitations of this craft and practice flipping and getting back into it in shallow water before you commit yourself to being far from shore or in deep or chilly waters. A hand pump would be a good accessory too. They are only $20.

It’s fairly easy to store a kayak and keep bugs out of it. I’d be more concerned with keeping yourself in it and water out of it.

Not trying to be a buzzkill – we are all excited about being able to get our boats in the water after this hideous winter – sounds like this is a fairly new sport for you and just want to make sure you are safe as well as having fun.

If you have a military surplus store
They all sell camoflaged mosquito netting ranging from 6ft x 6ft to 9x9 that make awesome cockpit covers for storage. Breathable is better. If you store outdoors it’s needed to keep bird nests out.

I’ve been trying to find a cover too. Mine, for car traveling.

I called sun dolphin (i have the aruba 10’ also) they just gave me the measurements of 24x45. I have a seals cockpit seal for my other kayak, but that was an exact fit…its great.

I’ve sent 2 emails to seals, but they will not respond… poo!

i tried the sea to summit road trip kayak cover and it doesnt fit well at all. size XL. the large was too small.

let me know if you’ve found anything. btw…all the answers that people gave you are comical…not even close to answering your question!!.

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