Help with date, price, and condition old grumman

Hey folks,

I’m trying to date and price a Grumman canoe. It was my dad’s and he had a stroke and can’t tell me anything about it.

This is what I’ve gathered from googling:

  • The information plate on the boat reads indicates it was built in Bethpage, NY. It appears to follow that it was built between 1944-1952.
  • People suggest calling Marathon to date the boat, but someone said they did and were told that they don’t have the info for boats of this age.
  • it’s a square end which seems less common than the double end, wondering if this would make it worth more, or less, or neither.

There is a fairly large range of what people are asking for used Grummans and I just have no idea where this boat would fit on the continuum.

Also, wondering, what to look for as far as condition. On a quick look I see no significant dings or dents, what else should I look for???

I’m trying to attach pics here, not sure if it’s going to work. Not pictured is an original wood folding seat.


If it has not been in the water for a while, put it in a pond or lake somewhere and check to see if any of the rivets leak. You can easily plug leaks around rivets using unthickened G Flex epoxy should you find any.

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Good condition for its age. The floor boards are cool and nostalgic.
A suitable lake boat and can use a small outboard.
The keel makes it awkward for rivers.
This boat means more to you than anyone else.
It is probably worth around $500- 600 if you can find someone to appreciate it.
Maybe less.