Help with Garmin Mapsource software.

A few months ago, some one posted instructions on how to capture and save screenshots of Garmin Mapsource maps in order to e-mail them.

I had it figured out at one point, but have since forgotten. I tried to find it in the archives, but came up short.

I’m running on XP Professional. Can some one re-train me on this?



Try this

Press the Print screen button when your looking at the map then open Paint or a photo editing program, under edit select paste then you can edit, crop and save the map for whatever your need.

print screen + edit in Photoshop
In addition to cropping and resizing print screen capture, I am adding some features and/or tex if a map goes to my webpage, e.g.,

In the recent version of MapSource you can also view your track in Google Earth, e.g.,