Help with gear cart

As I was sitting in the hot tub at 3:30 AM waiting for the pills and hot water to take my pain away so I can go back to sleep. Dreaming about floating on a river.

I thought:

Boy if I had a folding dolly with tires like my canoe cart we could make one trip from the car to the water.

I can not carry any weight.

Or a canoe cart that morffed into a dolly.

Then I thought I can’t be the only one I will ask on pnet.

Is there a canoe cart that works as a gear cart?

Is there a portage cart for gear?

I did some searching and did not find a big tire folding dolly.

If I pile all the gear in the boat all that weight rides on four points on the hull and it is just too much.

I have to have a lot of safety gear.

Not sure…
exactly what you are looking for, but take a look at Northern Hydraulics home site and then search under “small wagons”

They have a big selection.

When we paddled the Suwannee River paddle trail, the state of Florida had them available at each camp site for carrying gear I am sure you could make some modifications so it would carry your boat.

Jack L

Garden cart?
Not sure how much weight you need to transport, or the type of terrain, but I’ve seen folding garden carts that claim they can handle 150#. Check Amazon.

While you’re on the water, is the cart
to be locked and parked at the landing? That would keep it to one trip from the vehicle.

My vision
If solo I would push the canoe on a cart. Together canoe and cart is only 40 lbs.

And pull a folding dolly or wagon with with balloon tires with the gear.

Or with 2 people one pull canoe one one pulls cart.

I can’t walk very good at all. 20 steps rest and repeat.

I have very low blood flow just to my legs.

But after 20 ft it feels like I ran a mile. Cramps and pain then I just wait for the blood to catch up.

but I can paddle like a mad dog!

So running back and forth to the car is out!

I was hoping I was not the only one.

And someone found a light stowable cart or wagon that works well.

Sorry about my grammar and hard to follow text.

Datakoll I can understand you do you get what I am after?

We might be on the same meds! LOL


This might work
I understand that your existing cart and load result in too much pressure at four points on the hull if you load all the gear in the boat. I use a cart that spreads the load farther than that and I would think that it might allow you to put the load in the boat and wheel the whole sheebang to the water. Here’s a link to it:


Thats much
Better that the one I have.