Help with identification

Hello All,
I recently acquired a boat that belonged to my wife’s grandfather. The only identification that it has is the “Ranger” “Kent WA” sticker on the side. My father-in-law knows that it was purchased in 1965 but, that is the only information that I have.
can anyone help me with identifying this canoe? seats and knee braces are original Mahogany.
any help is greatly appreciated.

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one more picture-

Anything embossed or printed on the starboard stern?

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Nice boat!

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Cannot find any markings anywhere other than the sticker.

Thank you. I was really impressed with how well it cleaned up. It has been stored in a barn for many years

I like it. Update on your impressions on the water.

“The Ranger Fiberglass Boat Company opened its doors in Kent, Washington in 1958.”
see this web page:

Could be a connection? Maybe a long-time employee there who would know.

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will do!

That is very interesting. I am going to call them up and see if there is anyone there that may know.
Thanks for the link!

this is absolutely the company! my boat was built as a fiberglass reproduction of a Willit’s canoe. this history is fascinating.
Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction!

My pleasure, AJH. You have a nearly 60 year old treasure. Enjoy!

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For a 60 year old, she is a real looker.

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