Help with Kayak questions please

Due to weight capacity etc I am limited for kayak options, I have looked around & narrowed the options to two, Either a:

Dagger Axis 12 (350 lbs)


Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 (325 lbs)

Both seem to have good overall reviews & I have sat in both & like them both, although the Axis was a little smaller cockpit opening.

The problem I have is that I saw a review of the Pungo 120 & it said the rider was 215lbs & had a small dry-bag & the boat sat VERY low in the water… I am well over 215 lbs so am somewhat worried about how true this review was.

Does anyone have or know about the Pungo that is in the 300 lbs range?

Any help would be great, thanks.

Have you looked at their line.

I paddeled recently with a group and a large size paddler had one. Nice product and she kept up very nicely with everybody.

I’d never seen on on the water before and was impressed. I think the woman had an Ultimate 12.

Native Kayaks
Just checked them out.

Do not want a sit-on type kayak at all.

I looked at the sit-in ones & the Marvel 12 is only 300 lbs total capacity.

Thanks though

It’s very common for manufacturers
to give very unrealistically high weight capacity figures. But as you say you are just well over 215, your choice of kayaks should be pretty wide.

I’d be concerned.
We had some “not so big” guys in Pungo 12s this summer and I was surprised at how close the chines (outer edge) were to the water. In fact, one guy capsized it (albeit lots of bravado for the girlfriend he had along).

For your size, you really need to look at 14’ boats.

Pungo 140
I saw a nice looking 2009 Pungo 140 last weekend that had a dash board that helped catch paddle drips and hatch covers with clever-looking latches.

I second the Pungo 140 for you
It’s a good boat, that is stable and fast for the heavy paddler.


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Im a clydesdale 5' 10" 245lb

I use my brothers Pungo 12 all the time, It may sit a tad lower in the water with me in it but it works fine.

that said a 14' or longer boat would be better.


Large paddlers
I am also a large paddler. 6’6"/305#. I was looking at the Pungo for load capacity & cockpit room. After visting a dealer, I found a Hurricane Sport Exp. boat. Very ,very large cockpit opening & 400# cap for load. This boat is 14’ & 50lbs. Just a thought.