Help with Kayak selection

Hello all, seeking experienced opinions. Moving from Canoe to Kayak. Currently looking at a Tsunami 125, but wonder if I should go with the 145. I plan to paddle camp and fish, Slow rivers and lakes. Plan occasionally to hit intercoastal and Great lakes, But will probably keep it close to shore line. Would the Tsunami 125 be a good first Kayak or the 145 maybe better choice? Thanks for your Time and help.

your call
the boats are similar in fit and function…just 2 feet of difference in length. For camping and more gear capacity the 145 is a better choice.


The 145…
…is longer and more narrow, which would make it pick number one for me. It should be a little quicker and allow for more gear storage.

Better see if you can find one to test drive. In fact try to test drive as many boats as you can. Fit and feel is so important…

Well with the 125 I can put it in the back of the truck, for ease of transport, with the 145 I’d have to get a rack system to fit over tonneau cover & Cab. I was just trying to figure out if it was worth the extra effort and resources to go with the 145.1" on width, $400, 2000 cubic inch Storage and 25lbs payload difference. The 145 better for big water. Then again the 125 will fit the smaller rivers but not as well on big water. This is how people ends up with 2 or 3 Yaks.

Go 145
A friend just did a 40 mile trip with me in two days. The 145 is a surprisingly efficient hull for sea kayaking. Another friend used his to complete a 26 mile marathon in one day and kept up with much faster boats.

The 145 will do many more miles in a day than the twelve footers because it has better cruising speed and glide. It will also be better than many sea kayaks because you will be so comfortable that your breaks will be shorter and fewer so your average speed will be higher.

For a truck you could make a wood frame or buy a truck bed extension for much less than the cost of a rack and carry your 14 footer in the bed.