Help with Lake Jocassee coordinates.

Dos anyone have cooridnates related to camping at the lake? I’m mainly looking those related to the primative camp site.


from maptech’s website
it appears to be about 34-59N and 82-57W.

Couple of options…
The official boat-in primative campground run by Devil’s Fork State Park (SC) is here:

N34.98706 W82.94867

Here are the coordinates for the campground located at the Toxaway River. It is actually located inside Gorges State Park (NC) on the Foothills Trail.

N35.06939 W82.88515

There is also another campground accessible from the lake that is located on the Foothills Trail at:

N35.06063 W82.88515

The last campground I know about is located on the Foothills Trail above Laurel Falls. The coordinated for it are:

N35.02999 W82.88979

Hope this helps,


thanks for the coordinates. I’m going along on this trip to Jocassee, but another friend and I have been talking about exploring Toxaway and camping on the Foothills Trail. I just got a new GPS and I can’t wait to play with it on Jocassee.

Thanks again for sharing!


The input helps very much.