Help with Leak

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My first post. We have a Feel Free Gemini SOT that has a leak in one of the drain holes that go through the bottom. Would like some suggestions on the best way to fix it. Kayak is used in fresh water only. I have 2 photos of it posted at this link but you have to copy and paste the link in order for it to work correctly...not sure why. Thanks Everyone.

A suggestion if the boat is plastic
Use West Systems G-flex epoxy.

You can get it at west Marine Stores

Jack L

Heres a resource for help …
Go to Tom Holtey’s sit on top kayak webpage

and look at his articles on kayak repair - also post a message about plastic welding on the site there.

How old is the kayak ? I would take it back to the dealer, the leak is defect from how the kayak was molded.

If it is a fine crack, you might be able
to get Seamgrip to infiltrate and seal the crack. Seamgrip is often sold in outdoor stores for sealing tent seams. It is a thin polyurethane that stays flexible.

I also suggest keeping those chickens away from the boat.

Kayak Cart
Just a thought. If by any chance you’re using a cart to transport your SOT, and it’s the kind that has posts that insert into the scupper holes, you might want to think about another type of cart. They certainly aren’t always a problem, but this type of cart has been identified as causing cracks in the scuppers(eg. riding over rough terrain) a number of times.

Help with Leak
Thanks for your great replies…

Its a used kayak so no returning it.

I don’t use a cart.

The chickens love to kayak too! Lol

I have some glue that I have fixed just about anything plastic with. Its really amazing. Its called Elmers Ultimate high performance. Its not flexible but I am not sure if it needs to be in that spot??