Help with miner fiberglass repair.

In the process of preparing my kayak for the paddling season, I have noticed some miner fiberglass repairs that need to be done.

1)I have some miner chips on both side of the skeg box.

2)When I’m sitting in the kayak with the skirt on and sealed, if I push down on the skirt and pressurize the inside of the kayak I can here air coming out of the skeg control. So it looks like I need to do some patch work on the backside of the skeg controller.

Not sure what I should be using for this repair??? Thanks for your help in advance.

Marine Tex
Hopefully your hull is white.

One of the easiest to use products on the market is Marine Tex

You can get it at boating stores. It comes in white, black and grey. it’s a thick 2 part epoxy that hardens like a rock and sticks to anything. I recommend that since you don’t seem to know about how to repair glass and this is super easy and will not fail.


You may not need fiberglass repairs
Skeg controls typically have a plastic tube leading out of the control box and through the aft bulkhead. It’s entirely likely that all you need is some sealant around the joint between the skeg box and the tube. Use something like Lexel or one of the GOOP products (any GOOP product will work for this application). Avoid any sealant with silicone in it.


“miner” = Someone who digs minerals out of the ground

“minor” - Something small or relatively insignificant

I here their is a job for a minor miner at the mine if they are in the write state of mind…

it may also be
what byst… was talkin about at the joint of the tube sometimes it is screwed into the fitting , it may have just worked it way off . Happened in a Northshore of mine

air tight case
First of all i’m amazed that your skirt creates such an air tight seal. wow!

Second of all, did you mention anything about actual water leakage involved?

If it is just a little air going through the skeg cable housing that seams perfectly natural to me and i probably wouldn’t worry about making any repairs.