Help with Mohawk Odyssey 15 Solo

Would appreciate anybody’s experience or thoughts on this canoe. Also, any ideas on where to test paddle one. I don’t have the opportunity to drive from Iowa to Florida for a test paddle, but may be able to do Canoecopia in Madison WI.

I currently paddle a Wenonah Solo Plus, but am looking for a more maneuverable boat.

I will use it for day paddles and week long downriver paddles on rivers like the Current, Jacks Fork, Eleven Point, or Buffalo in the Ozarks.

I have paddled the Mohawk Solo 14 but would like more gear carrying capacity (we don’t travel light on our downriver trips). Would also consider an MR Guide, or Bell boat.

Would appreciate all informed opinions, or other suggestions.

Vic, I Have a Plan
You could come down here. A local guy (same one who let me try his Rob Roy) has an Odyssey 15 and is thinking about selling it. He lives a few miles away from the Black River, about 30 minutes from me. I’ll e-mail him now and see if it’s still for sale. WW

Vic–some sites selling boats
Here are some sites for used canoes. Of course don’t foret the classifieds here on Pnet.

If you can get to Indiana, Fluid fun has a HUGE selection of boats–both new and used. Some of the other sites can be a bit out of the way.

Hey Vic!
Drop down to the thread that’s titled Mad River boats & read that.

I agree with you (since I have one), the Solo 14 will probably not carry you, and all you want to carry for a multi day trip.

I think the Guide would be a good choice for you. Will carry all the gear you need & more; I know because I travel heavy on multi-day trips & have a Guide, as you know.

Can’t comment on the Odyssey 14 “yet”, but if you show up for the Buffalo trip, I’ll let you try my new one out. Should be here in about a week.

Having owned an Odyssey 15; I do “not” have many fond memories of that boat. I’ll bet you’d be happier with a Guide or the Odyssey 14.


Odyssey 14
Took my 14 for a week on the Buffalo in March, Had a great time and lots of room for gear and floatbags. I have paddles the solo-plus, an I think you will love the Mohawk.

Buffalo River in March???
MadMike tell us more. Water level? Weather? A (now large) group of us are going in April. Any info would would be appreciated. We went last June but am wondering about the earlier season.

Oh yea, you are welcome to come along.

hey, this IS good news
The hubby and I had to make a decision after researching our options, abilities, etc. We chose a pair of Odyssey 14s for river tripping and it sounds like we did the right thing. With end bags in, how do you pack your boat? What packs do you use,etc.? I’m interested since it seems to be working for you.

I took my Odyssey 14 down the lower Missinaibi River last summer. Over 200 miles to James Bay. Its a great tripping canoe and can hold enough gear for a 2-3 week trip.

Some pictures at:

Odyssey on the Buffalo

good map!

Jboyd, pamskee, jjoven, Here is one responce to try and answer all three posts.

We started our Buffalo trip on 3/2/03 after a 30 hour drive from southern New York State and a shuttle by Bobby Crocket, at Ponca. The river was only deep enought to float our boats. We heard later that it went down for the whole trip. I am sorry I do not have any figure about the level. There wewre three of us in Mohawks and a Keowee2 K1. We found the little parks to be less than open in March, good thing we had our own water purifiers. Camping is best between the parks, camp well obaove the river. Temperatures were unusually cold, a high of 48 and overnights in the low teens. I regret not hikeing up the side canyons. Stop in Gilbert and eat at the diner on the right. best food ever! In all we spent 5 days on the water and took out at Dillard’s Ferry. I think the lower section would be good. Only saw one other group on the water.

My boat was rigged with large float bags in the ends, partially inflated to allow for a pack. the packs were pushed as far to the center as I could stand. one under and behind my seat, and one between my knees and the thwart. I also used a cover. If I went again I would not bring the bags, no white water at that level, with the exception of one imposible rock about an hour down from ponca.

JJoven, I saw your pictures, I love the story and the sail, I want one, but I am too laxy to build it.

thanks, madmike!
We have the smaller endbags. I’ll probably use them beause it is so much easier for me to flip the boat if I dump (which I haven’t yet in the Mowhawk)and everything stays high and dry.

We have a variety of dry bags and watertight containers to choose from. So we get to do a dry fit in the shop. Excellent cold weather activity.

spray deck
I made a quick and dirty cover for my Ody 14 useing an old tarp, contact cement and some cording. I cut out the cover oversize, and glued a long hem on both sides to cotain the cord. I placed this over the boat to che it out and it worked well when i cinched it down with a truckers hitch. I cut out a cockpit and cemented on a tunnelwith a drawstring. worked well but I have yet to capsize it.

how does
the cord hold the skirt on?

lower Missinaibi River …great!`
I’ve got it in my mind to do the Missinaibi some day. These pics are absolutely great; they really whet my appetite!

Got any more info about your trip? Like, how did you pack, how much food did you take, how difficult/dangerous a trip is this, recommended skill level, etc? Pamskee and I are really pretty new at this.

Maybe suggest an intermediate trip? We’ve done the current and parts of the Buffalo.

well… the cord is below the rim of the rail. It can not move up because of the rail, and can not go down because of the chine. I have not tryed a wet exit, but I do not think it will be a problem, the tunnel is real big. I put yellow tape on the cover over the thwart. When I made beach landings on the Buffalo, I would run the skid plate onto the beach and jump up. I would quickly put one foot on the tape/thwart, and the next on the deckplate. The third step was on the beach. I cant believe it worked, but it did. I have a comercial cover for my penobscot 16, it snaps on. I think this cover on the mohawk works, looks a little crappy, but works.

like the concept
I like the idea. I’d considered trying something like that on one of my boats, but figured that someone would have already done it if it would work. Since no one had, I went another route. Since it obviously works for you, I think I’ll try it the next time around.


Fluid Fun
Thanks for mentioning Fluid Fun in your reply…we took a road trip to Indiana today!! What a place…it was great to be able to see and feel and sit in the canoes I have been reading about for the last year.

It would have been fun to paddle them too but the St Joseph river was still partially iced over.

I couldn’t believe the HUGE selection and the owner was sooooo helpful. He helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together to figure which canoe was just right for me. In the end it turned out to be Wenonah’s Adirondack.

He also helped me solve the on going problem I have been having with car topping.

Well worth the looooonng drive. I

I can’t wait for SPRING!!! ~ Kim