help with novacraft supernova

I see on the website that the supernova has a decent rocker. Will this be a problem when paddling stretches that are not fast flowing. Or will I just have to get used to it.

Also, is this canoe suitable for myself 165# and gear for a weekend?

I have no trouble with mine on the flats. she is really pretty quick for her length and as long as you do your part, the flats are fine.

165# with gear–No problem. I know for a fact she will haul 600lbs without blinking. She is a big volumous solo. She is rated for 850lbs but that would be an absolute limit. I doubt you and your weekend gear weigh in at what I do solo.

I’m just a big guy in a little boat…


Sloop is right, but…
…it’s going to depend on your skill level. If you are a good paddler you’ll find it managable. If not, and if you are also a lightweight person, it’ll drive you nuts. I suspect its handling in strong wind will be a lot tougher than many boats too, but I haven’t had the chance to find that out yet. It will paddle the flats a lot better than a dedicated whitewater boat (any “banana boat”).

I don’t have a lot of time in my Supernova yet, and I still find that it’s really squirrely on the flats if I don’t keep constantly on my guard on boat control. If I stop paying attention, the boat will immediately point in some direction other than the one I want. This is a boat that will happily make a sharp pivot turn with the flick of a paddle, and it will do this toward the side you are paddling on almost as easily as away, which tells you a lot about how much differently it behaves than most general-purpose canoes. I should point out that I weigh roughly half of what Sloopsailor does, so that’s likely part of the reason I make this point and he doesn’t. This is a high-volume boat, and it will carry a load of camping gear even if you are a big guy.

Guideboat guy is right
Yep for crosswind you have to plan accordingly. You do have to do your part.

a little shift in weight makes a huge difference. Lean forward or aft, move gear etc.

I am a big guy–I like high volume boats. I climbed in one of those little flashfires. I was able to paddle it, but there was definitely too much of me above the boat, not in it…heck, my shoulders are wider than one of those little things…