Help with paddle selection

Hi, This is one of those subjects that seems to fall under the category “the more you learn, the less you know”. I am new to the sport and bought a camano 230 a few weeks ago. (Yesterday I tried a 215 Werner and felt much better with it.) Due to a wrist problem I thought I would buy a bent shaft. Until today, I thought an AT paddle would be my choice based on comments here on the forum. No demos in my area. I have not even found a store that stocks them.

I was shopping for it by phone and talked to a very nice guy in Maine that really seemed to know what he was talking about. He said the AT is a low angle paddle. I seem to have a high angle style. He also said the blades are quite small and the OS paddle is equal to werners regular blades. Should I lean away from the AT and look more at Werner or Lendal due to my paddling style? Any comparo’s from any of you that have paddled the Werner vs the Lendal bent shafts? Thanks.

Don’t know about AT but

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I wish people would stop selling 230s and 240s to people who really want to become sea kayakers. Most competent sea kayakers paddle 225-215 so all those 230's end up being replaced.

It is easier to help people who discuss their objectives in a profile or briefly in the post.

If you want to look at a low angle paddle look at the epic wayfarer and dompare the blade whap to the epic active tourer. Not to say you should buy an epic, I like them and onno a lot but I don't think either makes a bent shaft.

Eddyline Windswift or Ultraswift
in a 210.

Don’t give up on the AT
I paddle an AT 220, am 6 feet, with a 34-35 inch sleeve length (relatively long arms). I like the weight and feel of the paddle, and have no problems staying with friends who paddle Greenland, Lendhals, varous Werners. I also vary my stroke from low to high angle (mostly mid, depending on conditions. The Lendal’s are heavy. The Werner has more spoon, which is good for the catch, but makes the paddle more likely to flutter and to “stick” when doing boat control strokes such as a side slip or bow draw. Also, in my experience, spoony blades are more sensitive to paddle angle when rolling. If you decide on the Werner, I’d be happy to sell you a hardly used Kalliste , but my recommendation is that you check out the Brent Reitz video, try a bunch of paddles, work on refining your stroke (it takes a couple of years to really nail your own favored forward stroke), and after you’ve got more experience listening to what your body likes, then settle on a paddle. Like lots of folks on this list, I went from Aquabound to the Camano to an Onno (great but fragile and no bent shaft) to the Kalliste and finally for the last 18 months to the AT. You’ll probably do the same .

Low angle comment is BS
I have an AT bent shaft and it works well for me. I am primarily a WW paddler and tend to carry over my paddling form from WW to touring – hence, a nearly vertical paddle. The blade is smaller, which means a higher stroke rate. If you are familiar with bicycles, some riders use higher gears (bigger blades) and a slower cadence (slower stroke rate) while others (like me) use a faster cadence and lower gears. What determines angle on an AT is length (assuming good form). A shorter paddle is easier to get vertical. You get the higher stroke rate by a good forward entry and taking the blade out a bit forward of your hips.

Thanks folks
Appreciate the feed back. I am new to the sport but have a loose / open grip when paddling. I am starting to feel good about my stroke. Still need work on going straight though.

I have not seen anything except werner paddles in any of the stores around here. I really want to see an AT but can’t seem to find ANYTHING. I called half a dozen AT dealers listed on the AT web site. None of them stocked AT paddles…all told me that they were special order only. Seems crazy!

I know that I can demo any werner paddle at Atlantic Kayak in NY. Not sure what to do. I do want to switch to a bent shaft. Not sure how to compare them though. Frustrating!

werner kalliste or ATS exception?
I have tried the Kalliste here in BC and have not heard of the ATS paddle until today.

I am interested in comparing it with the kalliste before I splurge on the “ultimate” paddle.

The “ultimate” paddle is like the “ultimate boat…” It’s always the next one. :slight_smile: