help with paddle

i really like the shape of the wind swift paddle but its out of my budget its there any other paddle with similar surface area under $150?

What about used?
Some kayak shops that rent boats and equipment will sell their used livery stuff–sometimes at a very big discount. A long shot might be to check with Eddyline for seconds, or surplus. Other than that, there are occasional good sales and some local shops will match REI and others.

Maybe a Tortuga
Though it is not the exact shape, Harmony’s Tortuga is a smaller bladed touring paddle that may have similar surface area. At $109 with a fiberglass shaft it’s a great bang for the buck (some vendors have it on sale for under $100). Unfortunately they don’t publish specs on it so I can’t tell how it compares with the 18" x 5" Wind Swift. There are two favorable reviews of the Tortuga here on I have a very similar old Voyageur paddle (no longer available) that is the only “euro style” paddle I use – mostly use Greenland paddles so I like a longer thinner blade.

You could also duplicate the dimensions making your own wooden Aleut style paddle. There are free on-line directions for making them or you can find instructions and patterns in books like “Building the Greenland Kayak”.

used would be great but i cant find any. i send eddyline an email let see what they answer. in the meantime i check the harmony but seem heavy. im looking at the aquabound sting ray, advanced technology quest and the bending branches sunrise. any input on this or any other recommendation?

pnet classifieds - accessories
Wind Swift paddle, red, 220 cm. $200. About half the cost of new. Seller in MA.

get pix and make an offer.

Good paddles
tend to be expensive. Considering the paddle is your interface to the water, the comfort and weight of the paddle is at least as important as hull design when it comes to your enjoyment of paddling and how you feel at the end of the day.

I’d recommend finding the paddle that most meets your needs and then see if there is a way to bring the price down through the used market or, perhaps, the shop will bargain a bit (they sometimes do).

Paddling is much more fun and a lot more effortless with the right paddle and the right stroke.


Werner Sprite
it really is a decent paddle

a little closer
Check out Nimbus paddles. The glass Nimbus Zephyr looks similar and has the same blade dimensions listed, listed at 28 oz in glass, at $200 Canadian dollars. Canadian dollar looks to equal .97 US dollar, so a favorable exchange rate.

I see the Wind Swift priced at $279, so that’s a significant price drop. Doesn’t get you to 150, but 200 is a lot closer than 279.

Nimbus has the Chinook and Squamish at the same price in glass, so a couple other options to consider. The blade shape varies more from that of the Wind Swift and Nimbus Zephyr.

I don’t know if you’ll get down to a 28 oz paddle for less than $200, so that might be worth the extra $50 or so dollars.

Anyone out there have any experience with the Nimbus Zephyr?